Bitter is the new better?

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The Kenyan kommie, with 26 months to go and counting, came out swinging and bitter as can be with the national repudiation of “all my policies” in the Nov 4 elections that saw the GOP take back control of the US senate, new seats in state governments and increase its majority margin by around 20 seats in the House.

Self-absorbed as always, the Kenyan “waved a red flag in front of a bull” as putative Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated yesterday. Go ahead, just try me.

President Barack Obama is pictured. | AP Photo

What me worry?

The latter won and handily defeating pro-O’Bama and anti-coal hyphenated what’s-her-name Grimes. And all that without ex-Senator Tom Harkins of IA calling her as cute as Taylor Swift. Oops! No feminazi outbursts after that faux pas, eh Tom?

The election was a “wall to wall shellacking” of the Kenyan’s marxist policies, as Charles Krauthammer put it so elegantly last night on Special Report with Britt Baer. Despite the huge political losses–many of them shooting down what little influence remains with the congential liars, Bubba and Hilary–the Kenyan remained self-focused and defiant, challenging the new GOP dominated Congress to come-n-git him. Despite many appearances and fundraisers, the Clintons’ home state of AR went totally Republican, from top to bottom for the first time in 141 years!

Hey Barrie: This is what an entire takeover looks like!

The Kenyan kommie  fully intends to use that cellphone and pen he waves around like the golf duffing he is known to do, confirmed by his BFF Michael Jordan. For anyone expecting postelection contrition at the White House or vows to change course after a disastrous election for Democrats,  O’Bama had one message Wednesday: Think again. Privately, O’Bama’s advisers acknowledge that Tuesday’s outcome was far worse than what they expected.

It ended being 70 minutes of drivel in prime time–he usually waits till Rush Limbaugh’s show is over so commentary will be held one business day–with his lead jamming log: no repatriation of illegal immigrants, many of them Hispanic, but also some Mohammedans and other undesirable ethnics sneaking in to size up the competition via the Rio Grande.

“I would enjoy some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell,” said the Kenyan, who last year mocked the idea of having a drink with the GOP leader, something is often is want to do.

Then, offering a glimpse into how little time O’Bama has spent cultivating a relationship with McConnell over the past six years, the president added, “I don’t know what his preferred drink is.”

It doesn’t matter. What further damage the Kenyan putz tries the next 26 lame duck months, will be kept in check or undone as soon as the Grand Ole Party has control of all 3 branches of government come January 2017, thanks to the Kenyan kommie and his megalomaniac dreams to take over all facets of American life.



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