Francis Factor: War on Tradition continues despite nothing for lib violators

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ESH gladly shares the story below as the War on Tradition continues under the tutelage of Pope Francis and the modernist genie he has let out of the bottle, the latter which smells of the putrid stench of freemasonry and indifferentism.
Anyone with a smidgen of intellect knows (nose?) clown noses and beach balls are so much more pastoral than, say, increasing holiness and piety among the faithful and working for the conversion of heretics, schismatics and pagans.

Another Bishop “excommunicates” faithful who go to SSPX Masses – now in Argentina! As if!


Scan of the last page of the letter


After the Pope’s close friend and secretary of his Papal Council of Nine Cardinals did this days ago, now another Bishop threatens with “excommunication” the faithful who go to masses of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).
Where? In Argentina… Ar-HEN-teen-ah!
Bishop Sarlinga visiting his Argentinian close friend, and now Bishop of Rome, Bergoglio
In all honesty, Bishop Sarlinga is considered a so-called “conservative”*, closely linked to the scnadal-ridden cult of Opus Dei (though not a member), and for that reason was widely regarded in the Argentinian church as someone deeply despised by the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires (now the bishop of Rome as he prefers to be known), of whom he was considered an “ideological” adversary.
His letter is much longer, but with the same references to the Letters of emeritus Pope Benedict XVI following the removal of excommunications in 2009, so we translate below just the relevant conclusion.
Óscar Domingo Sarlinga
by the Grace of God and of the Apostolic See
Bishop of Zárate-Campana

Diocesan Decree 27/14

By way of the present letter, I declare:

– The priests of the “Society of Saint Pius X” must not celebrate in churches, oratories, and other places of Catholic worship in our diocese of Zárate-Campana. It is not licit to them, either, to offer or dispense to Catholic faithful the celebration of the other sacraments, including reconciliation (Cf. C[anon] 966) and the celebration of marriages (cf. C. 1108), of which the latter would additionally be invalid, by the reason of their not having the faculties that are required.
-It is not licit for the Catholic faithful to take part in the celebration of Mass in these conditions, neither to request nor to receive sacraments from the priests of the aforementioned “Society of Saint Pius X”, including in private places turned into places of worship, without excluding, in case of obstinacy, also the ferendae sententiae penalties that may apply, according to the ecclesial spirit and that of protection of the faithful.
– In the case of the rupture of ecclesiastical communion by the above-mentioned founded motives, in order to be later readmitted to the Catholic Church, a personal path of reconciliation (and eventually of removal of the canonical censure) will be required, according to the discipline advised by the Holy See and the [diocese’s] own, established by the diocesan bishop.
I express the sincere and ardent desire that we let ourselves be enlightened by the Holy Spirit “so that the world may believe” (cf. Jn 17:21) and so that dialogue in Truth and Love may arise again, and that “the charity of Christ that compels us” may come first, as Saint Paul the Apostle taught us, due to which I beg the powerful help of the Virgin Mother of God, Mother of the Church.
Let it be made public and archived.
Given in Campana, Episcopal See, on the 3rd November 2014.
+ Óscar Sarlinga

 -By order of the His Excellency-

[Fr.] Guillermo Eduardo Díaz
Secretary Chancellor

[Full Spanish text of the letter here.  /
So, while Jorge is hammering the Traditional order FFI, in the people’s republic on MN, a different scandal ridden St John’s Benedictine abbey show 2 missing persons, 230 alleged claimed victims of various types of homosexual and pederastic sex abuse, massive financial mismanagement and “luxurious living” style abounds, but an apostolic vistitator apparently is not needed under the poor prudence and judgment of Pope Bergoglio.
This is the same Benedictine Abbey that once proudly produced international pro-life stalwart Fr Paul Marx, who founded and grew one of the largest pro-life and profamily apostolates known to mankind since the legalization of abortion of various stripes since the 1960s and 70s worldwide.
Says Eponymous Flower blog:
“We’re posting this to draw attention again to the evident corruption at one of the most famous Benedictine Monasteries in the world, if not the largest, and despite the ample evidence of serious corruption and negligence on the part of the monks, to say nothing of a singular indifference and hostility to the Catholic Faith which they claim to hold, there is not the slightest hint of an investigation, no calls for the resignation of the abbot, or the seizing of its assets by an Apostolic Visitor.”
 ESH couldn’t agree more.

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