Traditional marriage voters voices upheld OH, 3 other states

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The sodomite-sex marriage issue apparently now heads to the US Supreme Court for a climactic ruling following yesterday’s 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding marriage bans in Ohio and three other states including KY, MI and TN.

The 2-1 ruling by the Cincinnati-based appeals court, covering two cases in Ohio, two from KYand one each from MI and TN, essentially boiled down to the idea that it is preferred to let each state’s political process take its course rather than to overturn the  will of the people creating law in the courts.

Some massive hormonal whining by Equality Ohio and sympathizers followed the decision on Thursday evening:

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The people of OH soundly rejected sodomites perverting the meaning of “marriage” to their twisted political ideaology with a plebiscite in 2004. Leftists everywhere were seen with exploding heads this week, in this needed reversal of the pro-sodomite legal push this past year. It shows some sanity still prevails in the US court systems, long the bastion of legislating from the bench, especially when leftist politics fail at the ballot box. Which is quite often.

>> Read the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling (PDF) <<

Quite vociferous in the fray this week was Cleveland Councilman and Slovenian Catholic, Joe Cimperman, a resident of the Tremont area and formerly of the St Clair-E 72nd area, whose great uncle Fr Victor Cimperman was a priest for many decades serving at the Cleveland Slovenian parishes of St Vitus and St Mary’s Assumption.

Cimperman, immersed in the liberal teachings of the modernist Jesuits at St Ignatius High and John Carroll University, sides with the sodomites and leftist Dems on the topic of perverted anal sex, baby killing, contraception and other insults against the Divine sensibilities. It’s always party first and its sick agenda of death over the faith of his heritage. It’s little wonder his bishop in Cleveland has yet to reprimand him in public on the topic which he blares out quite publicly.

He’s also promoting “gender identity” legislation which would allow men to use women’s restrooms and vice versa. No problem of sexual assaults of little kids here!


It shows without a life of prayer and grace from the sacraments, any human can be tempted to fall into the downward spiral of  the sewer lifestyles of those with a proclivity for the alimentary canal, contrary to nature and the natural order set down by the Divine Creator. For we are all harmed by the negative effects of concupiscience due Original Sin, even after the laver of the life creating waters of Baptism.

It is exactly for these sorts of offenses against God and His Mother the Ever-Virgin Mary, that First Friday and First Saturday devotions of reparation were requested by the Sacred Heart and by Our Lady of Fatima. Let us follow the requests of the twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary to make reparation and defend Traditional marriage as envisioned by God and defended by His One True Church with: one man, one woman.


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