Pope allows married Eastern Rite clergy in US, elsewhere

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As predicted earlier last week on this blog, the Holy Father has issued a document allowing Eastern Rite married clergy in any location, not just their original area of jurisdiction (e.g. Carpathian mountains for the Ruthenian Byzantine Rite, Ukraine for Ukrainian Rite, etc). Exception is the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankar Churches, which have not allowed a married clergy.

You can read the original, in Italian here…

An English translation was sent out by Parma (OH) Eparchy mitred archpriest (monsignor equivalent) David Petras and can be seen here…AAS_Married_priests_061414

The actual lifting of the ban on ordaining married men to the presbyterate has been announced by Rome – “Pontificia Praecepta de Clero Uxorato Orientali”, in Acta Apostolicae Sedes (AAS, recent edition) pages 496-499.

The third paragraph says, “At the present, all the Eastern Catholic Churches are able to admit married men to the diaconate and presbyterate with the exception of the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankar Churches.”

There follows a history of the celibacy decrees, the meeting of Cardinal Sandri and the Pope on December 23, 2013, where the provisions were approved. The document itself was dated June 14, 2014. It is being translated into English and will be sent out as soon as it is received.

The Eastern Rites are in full communion with the Holy See and fully Catholic. The beliefs and dogmas are identical to the Roman Rite with which most Catholics are familiar, but the expressions, emphasis and Divine Liturgy vary based on the customs of the Rite. In toto, the Catholic Church has about 21 Rites.


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