St Nicholas, Wonderworker, Dec 6

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December 6:
St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra

Saint Nicholas (280-343), the patron of
children, was orphaned at an early age and
raised by an uncle, and like his uncle, he
later became a bishop. After entering the
priesthood, he became renowned for his
charity and good deeds.

Tradition says that he secretly filled the stockings or shoes of a
few young women with enough money to
ensure a decent dowry and marriage. This is
the origin of our custom of hanging
stockings at Christmas. In other parts of the
world, on the eve of his feast day children
put their shoes outside the door for him to fill
with small treats. He is sometimes referred to
as “Nicholas the Wonderworker,” because
he is believed to be the cause of many

from ECF bulletin series, Nov 30th

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