Schumer to Dems: you’ve been Gruberized!

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Chuck U Schumer, that dogged loyal lefty Dem came out yesterday and confessed that Obamacare was a disaster for the Dems, never once reflecting how much damage it has done to the middle class his lying cohorts claims they are defending…like the middle class looters and arsonists in Ferguson, egged on this week by the Kenyan kommie and his equally lefty AG Holder?

Not likely, guv’nor!

Chuck U’s honesty, for a rare change, is refreshing. He’s seen what it’s done to the DNC and his fellow criminal pols with a sound 3rd cycle of thrashing a few weeks ago at the voting polls, the only polls that actually count.

Lefty Dems, especially those closest to the Kenyan kommie immediately went on the attack as seen all over social media:

I’m sure Chuck Schumer has his reasons for wanting to debate 2009 Democratic political tactics but I’m also sure those reasons are terrible.

— Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) November 25, 2014

Yeah, maybe ACA cost Democrats seats. This was (and is) more important than seats and Dems voted knowing it – it was said often at the time.

— Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) November 25, 2014

Ah, to see the internecine Dem battles and them eating their own, just brings a tear and a warm spot to the ESH. Just not saying where. Looks like the Dems realized the marxist agenda of the Kenyan kommie and they’ve been Gruberized!


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