Head fake: no EO on immigration amnesty

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It appears all the hubabub over illegal immigrants and their amnesty was a head fake from a bad basketball player but a shrewd politico, the Kenyan kommie, WND reports.

From WND:

Today the National Archives and Records Administration, responsible for such maintaining such filings, said no such executive order was ever signed or filed, confirming WND’s report Wednesday.

A National Archives librarian, Jeffrey Hartley, made the confirmation in an email Thursday to WND.

“As I indicated, it would appear that there is not an Executive Order stemming from the President’s remarks on November 20 on immigration,” Hartley wrote.

Hartley said that neither of the executive orders Obama signed in Las Vegas the day after his announcement fulfill his plan to defer deportations and grant work permits to up to 5 million illegal aliens.

“The only two documents that I have located are two Presidential Memoranda, which are available from the White House site,” Hartley’s email continued. “They can also be found in the November 26, 2014 issue of the Federal Register.”

Nothing like lots of heat and attention when one is a lame duck and irrelevant to the national political scene. That, and taking attention off all his shortcomings: Benghazi, IRS scandals, VA scandals, Fast N Furious, Secret Service hookers, Klan Parenthood promoting baby killing of blacks and other minorities, etc, etc.


2 thoughts on “Head fake: no EO on immigration amnesty

    Doody, Dennis said:
    December 5, 2014 at 11:32

    So does this mean that even though he signed the papers in Vegas, those executive orders are not going to be implemented?

      eastsidehunky responded:
      December 5, 2014 at 14:50

      Great question, Dr Doody. He already has done his head fake, he may end up not signing anything like what was portrayed to the public, yet he succeeded in vilifying the GOP with it, and tried to increase his Dem base for the next election, his ultimate goal. The chaos and confusion is typical Alinsky-Leninist tactics of the Kenyan kommie.

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