The Real Santa: St Nicholas punks heretic Arius

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Yeah, the REAL Santa is, of course, St Nicholas. And as he attended the Council of Nicea, the one that gave us the Nicean Creed recited every Sunday at Holy Mass (and by many protestant churches as well), he became perturbed and irritated at the major heretic, Arius, an Egyptian priest who ostensibly denied that Christ was God, using deceptive language in his arguments, much like today’s modernists.

The Arian heresy had spread so far that >80% of the bishops of the time and 2/3 of all priests were caught in its lies. The great defender against Arianism, St Athanasius, was known to say, “they have the churches but we have the Faith”. Sound familiar?

St Nicholas, known for bailing out 3 poor children with his anonymous coins down the family’s chimney, has gone on to become a fat clown in a red suit coming down the chimney, as it were, owing to his charitable and generous spirit in the 4th century AD.

Listen to how this generous saint was also a fierce defender of Christ’s divinity, a real man, and not some milquetoast who rolled over by “getting along” with the status quo heresy of the day.



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