Hands up! Oops they shot!

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Presumptive lone wolf terrorist hostage taker, the self-style cleric from Iran who took hostages at a cafe in Sydney earlier today, is dead.

Shot by the gun toting cops. You know, the kind the ones in Ferguson, MO and NYC carry when perps threaten citizens trying to pick up their daily latte.

They shoot these bad actors on the spot when they open fire and threaten to harm citizens. That’s the role of cops in society, when it functions correctly, absent the psychiatric mental illness of liberalism.

So this moron Mohammedan will no longer shoot innocent people, as he did today, killing 2 of the hostages and injuring at least one cop. He is now visiting his 72 virgins in the hell that he chose, and which Satan welcomes him to.

That is the final place for such terrorists who kill innocent lives without repenting of their mortal sin(s) before their death, as this Mohammedan seemed to do. Only a grace of God at the last moment could save him, but odds are about as good of that happening as Johnny Football winning his first outing….oops Bungles beat the Browns 30-0.

Your bad, Man Haron Monis! Dittos to you looney libs on the left. Hands up, don’t shoot! I can’t breathe either, LeBron and Kobe, when all reason is suppressed as has been in uncivil discourse and your houses of hate.



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