Dingy Harry gets face plastered, claims “exercize accident”

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Maybe his playing politics with millions of peoples’ lives and money has caught up, but Dingy Harry Magnum Farce Reid, D-Stoplight, NV, outgoing Senate majority obstructer, is sporting a shiner today, claiming it was an “exercizing accident”.

Accident, ESH’s foot! ESH speculates Dingy Harry has pissed off the wrong people once too often. Maybe it was his own DNC pals or the Kenyan kommie’s thugs, or maybe even the Lavender Mafia, offended by this offensive little toad of a man.

Dingy Harry is reported to have broken some bones in his face and some ribs. Recall he also dislocated a shoulder previously “jogging” in 2011. Again, Bravo Sierra (BS)! Ever see this Senate version of Schmeigel walk? He barely can do that let alone jog. We all know what a lying weasel he is, so nothing can be taken at face value.

He claims to have been an amatuer boxer in his youth. That can hardly be the case with as slow as he moves at 78. And 10 yrs before that. And the 10 yrs before that….

Good luck with that fitness program, Dingy! Enjoy being minority leader with your nogoodnik Dem leftists.


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