O’Bama-U: more debt, nothing’s free

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The Kenyan kommie wants “free” community college tuition for all! Yeah! Yipee!

Small detail: none of it is free, but would add at least $34 Billion more too the national debt annually.

He also wants it to be paid by 50% federal and 50% local taxes. No suprise there, spread the wealth, call Joe the Plumber! Next, you can bet his instiable appetite for MORE government largesse will call for free tuition for all colleges. Book it Dano, you heard it here first. Jan 2017 can’t come soon enough!

More details to this marxist madness:


President’s ‘free’ college plan to cost $34 BILLION a year…

REPORT: Only 20% Finish Two-Year Degree Within Three Years…


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