Pope piles on large families, throws faithful under bus again

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Acting more like a secular commentator from Klan Parenthood than as the Vicar of Christ defending the Church’s traditional teachings on the family, especially in the area of fundity, Pope Francis went to his “off the cuff” mode during his flight home to Rome from the Philippines this weekend.

He reportedly had a long discussion with reporters on matters of contraception and large families.

His reported comments are at huge odds with those of say, Blessed Pope Pius XII, who often spoke on the matter using his ordinary magisterium, rather than “off the cuff”. ESH can count on the ‘splainers and helpy helpertons trotting out again to explain to us nincompoops how we misunderstood the Pope and how the secular media, whom he seems to revel in, misreported what he said “off the cuff”, not using his teaching office.

We’ve hear this tactic so often from the ‘splainers, helpy helpertons and the neocon Catholics, that it is quite tiresome and ineffective.

Really, insulting large families that value the unitive and procreative aspects of the conjugal act? Rather than contracept or abort their new babies away like the rest of the declining, post-Christian West? He said he wanted to kick some Argentinians in the butt over the matter when he was Archbishop there…will God do the same Holy Father with those who cause such grave scandal and betrayal of sacrificing large Catholic families? Shall they ingest potent steroids to chemically abort those babies you may find inconvenient, like the rest of the pagan godless West?

The truth is, Pope Francis, yet again, threw those most loyal and faithful to Christ, His Church and the Holy Father, under the bus rather than impart the truths–even the hard ones–to the unbelieving media and the masses of unbelievers, heretics, schismatics and pagans of the world.

For your review:

Blessed Pope Pius XII on large families…

Pope Francis on large families…

You’re not helping, even with six callers ahead of you, Jorge!




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