About those breed-like-rabbits Catholic moms

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This particular Catholic mom of 6 children (a 7th died in utero) had all of them delivered by C-section, not because she willed it, but because that was medically necessary.

ESH sure hopes the Pope doesn’t continue to pile on large Catholic families who follow the immutable teachings of the Church to submit to the will of God in fertility and fecundity, and not–as Francis so elegantly put it–to “test God”.

He mocks and throws loyal, faithful Catholics under the bus while swooning and placating the enemies of Jesus Christ and His One True Church. Faithful who have sacrificed and done much on account of the Faith of their fathers, the unchanging and true Faith, which has been taught for all, at all times, everywhere, not the man-centered modernism of post-Vatican II anthropology.










Especially telling of this heart-wrenching story is her ending, to wit:

“In addition, the Pope, he who should confirm our Faith, he who should support us, defend us, just threw mothers and fathers of large families to the lions! My husband just tells me that tomorrow at work he will be questioned about the Pope’s words. Evidently, the neocons, the type of Catholic who appears so clever, so obedient, so faithful, even though so coward and so full of human respect, they will defend the His Holiness’ words with some mental gymnastics saying the media distorted his words, that they put out of context what he said, that he said “rabbits” in the best possible way. They might even say that yes, those mothers of many children are indeed irresponsible. And they will feel so clever, so obedient, so faithful!

“Notwithstanding, me, my husband and my six children will not defend him. We will defend what the Church has always taught. I will never perform intellectual pirouettes to publicly excuse Peter whenever he assaults what has been always true and holy! I rather look up to heaven than to bury my head in the sand.

“In one of his comments, he even gave the dubious number experts defend is the ideal number per Family: 3. He also said the Church gives “many licit ways to limit procreation”. He used the example of a mother who is pregnant with her 8th child, having had 7 previous C-sections before that. She would be irresponsible. “Does she want to leave 7 orphans”? , asked the Pope. What does he suggest now that the child is already in the belly? Am I the only one who sees the very dangerous implications of the Bishop of Rome’s words? His Holiness does not know what he has done. He threw us to the lions of UN, of the NOW, of the Masons. Those lions, you know?!, that walk around us looking for someone to devour….

“But I have something to say to the many mothers of large families (many friends of mine, from our Chapel, in which blessed pews the many families of 3,4,5,6,7,10 children barely fit!), to the mothers who are discriminated for having had multiple C-sections, to the mothers who keep on having children despite the opinions of family members, of society and, unfortunately, of liberal sectors of the Church: “Let us run to embrace the cross! So many Christian women were given to the lions to be martyred. Let us not run from the cross! Ahead! Let us fill this Earth with holy priests and Christian parents and fill heaven with many saints”. Heaven is the prize, said Saint Therese.”

No need for all the neocon Catholic ‘splainers and helpy helpertons to trot out and tell us how ignorant we are, how we misunderstood the Pope, how he was incorrectly quoted by that godless secular drive by media, which now showers unending adultation and respect upon him, glories in his acceptance of the perverted sewer lifestyle of sodomites, the same kind of respect and democracy that condemned and crucified Our Lord and set Barabbas free.

2 thoughts on “About those breed-like-rabbits Catholic moms

    James Bendell said:
    January 23, 2015 at 15:54

    Fr. Carrots has 18 siblings. Guess his mom is a neopalagian dunce.

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      eastsidehunky responded:
      January 23, 2015 at 16:00

      Of the worst kind! Pope Francis has forgotten what the irreformable Councils of Trent and Vatican I have bound him to believe, profess and teach as the holder of the Petrine Office. But whom am I to judge?

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