Francis repudiated: Large families are where vocations are found

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So, the mouth running of Pope Bergoglio has caused him much indigestion as Traditionalists and even some neo con conservatives have finally opened the schepulcre to rail against the incessant and increasing War on Tradition by this Pope.

Let us look to the insights that align with Catholic Tradition and the unchanging Magisterium that has always encouraged openness to life, which is not ‘tempting God’ as the Holy Father chided recently to a mother of 7.

From the recent interview of Fr Emmanuel DuChalard, SSPX, who was in the inaugural (1970) seminary class of SSPX at the seminary in Econe:

Can you say a few words on the initial formation of vocations?

“…Even if the ways of the Lord are infinite, the natural cradle for vocations is generally the Catholic family, then the example of true and holy priests in the parish. Liturgical service as altar servers also plays a decisive role, bringing the young boys close to the altar with deep respect. The traditional liturgy gave a sense of the Mystery and of the sacred. Today, for many, they no longer exist. The ideal of the Catholic family was a large family, always considered as a glory for the Church. Large families are thus generally a source of many vocations. In the Society there are many examples of the sort. One might ask why this connection between large families and vocations?

“A large family requires of the parents a spirit of generosity and of sacrifice, and of the children the ability to share, to renounce. They cannot live as egoists; the older ones have to help the younger ones. Is there any better way to educate a child in a spirit of sacrifice and service?

“A vocation is above all an answer to God’s call to sacrifice oneself, to leave all things to follow the Lord. He who is not used to sacrifice will have a hard time answering His call. Besides, the seminary life is a regular and community life. If someone is not used to that, it can be very difficult, almost impossible.

“It is for all these reasons that more and more pre-seminaries are being opened in the Society, in order to test and consolidate the vocations, but also to create little by little the habit of a regular and community life…”

Now, that would have been a much better and orthodox statement from the off-the-cuff pontiff. You can read the entire interview which also discusses the persecution of the FFI and cloistered nuns by the present Regime here…


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