Matt: Fry the sodomite spews his atheist religion hate

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Listen to Michael Matt, editor and publisher of The Remnant, discuss the pedantics of Hobbit star, Stephen Fry,  as the latterblasphemes God and proudly proclaims his faith in dogmatic atheism.Fry also played the British psychologist on the zfox series Bones.

Michael Matt uses Adam, Eve, Genesis and Bono to answer Fry and challenge de facto false religions such as atheism and evolution. He discusses the issue with Catholic pro-life attorney Chris Ferrara.

Fry, 57, recently “married” his 27 yr old homosexual lover in sodomite bliss. After a troubled childhood and adolescence, during which he was expelled from two schools and spent three months in prison, Fry went into acting.

Like most Brit thespians, he likes to make his fortune in the USA–while attacking its success story for millions–with its more favorable tax structure and opportunities vs the 55% income tax rate in dreary England.

Don’t you think it’s time Catholics got serious about the heresy of Darwinian Evolution? And ship back British actors so American aspiring entertainers can procure jobs in movies, TV and radio as is rightfully theirs?


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