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WAGS allowed to fire pharms who are “uncomfortable”

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Pharmacist Steve, he of blogging phame, poses several questions that go to the heart of the totally necessary rights of conscience for pharmacists and all health care professionals as the left wing death machine tightens its grips on who will live, who will die and who will be allowed to earn a living when they resist this evil:

From his blog last Saturday 2/21/15, ESH emphasis on the abortifacient Plan B:

“Can you imagine this… WALGREENS cannot tell a Pharmacist to fill or not fill a control Rx that they are not comfortable with…but.. WALGREENS have fired Pharmacists who are “not comfortable” providing vaccinations or Plan B ..

“Does this suggest that Walgreens does have some influence over what prescriptions/products Pharmacists are allowed to fill or decline.. and since the above two categories do not include controlled meds.. would suggest that pts who have a medical necessity for controlled meds are being discriminated against?”







Pharmacist Steve asks the same question that pharmacists with a conscience have been asking and demanding for well now 30 years, those who will not participate in the killing machine of the omnipotent, godless secular state, driven by freemasonic thinking, in killing innocent preborns, or elderly ill patients. They are all patients, all with lives that intrinsically matter and are beyond any demands of life and death that can be made by the death squads of the present Regime, or any subsequent regime.

WAGS started their firing spree of pharmacists with a conscience almost 10 yrs ago in their hometown of Chicago, at the behest of now imprisoned Rod “Slobodan” Blagojevich, he who had a law passed, and overturned several times, that violated pharmacist rights of conscience and principles of freedom of religion under both IL and US constitutions.


Has WAGS not learned its lesson yet? Will they continue to be bad actors now that they have bought UK based Boots so they can avoid paying US taxes? Can pharmacists make professional judgment decisions, but yet fill any order placed before them, something one could arguably train a monkey to do?