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Study: Use of OCs doubles risk for brain cancer

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Besides being known abortifacients and Class I carcinogens (per the WHO), another nail in the coffin for so-called oral “contraceptives” has come from a recent Danish case control study.

Users of OCs in the study saw a two fold increase of the risk of gliomas, a brain cancer that is often aggressive with a timeline of maybe 1 year after detection.

So, for all those liberated feminazis who don’t suffer enough from the dozens of increased diseases, cancers, blood clots, and health risks in using these toxic potent high dose steroids, ingesting these known abortifacients can now double your risk of getting what is often a deadly and short-lived brain cancer.

And you may be aborting your preborn babies at a rate of 1 or 2 times per year using these toxins, but at least the Regime mandated that taxpayers pay for your copay and folly.