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Paragard, Mirena IUD lawsuits gaining traction…

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Lawsuits against the well known abortifacient Paragard IUD continue to grow and gain traction.

Paragard copper IUD was introduced in the US as the first new IUD since the controversial–and costly to pharma–Dalkon shield cost former pharma company AH Robins mega bucks in the 1970s. Like about $2.4 Billion big samolis.

Designed to remain in a woman’s body for 10 years, Paragard has caused numerous perforations of the colon and uterus, according to reports on the lawsuits.

The human body normally does not cotton to a foreign body occupying it for 10 years and we can see how female bodies are responding to this invasion of the baby snatchers.

Competitor Mirena IUD, which is laced with the potent progestin, levonorgestrel, is also under fire and under multiple lawsuits. The allegations include “painful and serious health problems”. One legal website states:

Side effects of Mirena IUD may cause the implanted birth control device to move inside the body, potentially resulting in:

  • Perforation of the Uterine Wall
  • Migration of the IUD to Outside the Uterus
  • Expulsion of the Mirena IUD
  • Infection
  • Complications that Result in Surgery to Remove Mirena IUD

ESH always recommend women wake up and not treat themselves with the barnyard methods as promoter by the pop controllers, who usually do not care about women’s health nor that of the babies they likely conceive–and abort–with these demonic devices.