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Former Klan Parenthood nurse: ‘It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work’

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Gee, that’s surprising! Here ESH and everyon else though Klan Parenthood stood for women’s rights, controlling their own body, being open, free and tolerant.

Here they are portray, again, as a “money grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work” by a former employee who worked at the largest PP facility in IN for 2 years.

The Roman Catholic former PP worker has opened up to her diocesan newspaper in Indianapolis in a gripping tell-all interview, saying she was shocked at the horrors she witnessed during the two years she worked in Indiana’s largest abortion facility.

Marianne Anderson is a nurse who assisted PP baby-killing abortionists by partially sedating women who paid extra for that luxury. She told The Criterion newspaper that she saw many women pressured into abortions they did not want, including minor girls. And that some of them appeared to be foreign (e.g. one was Korean) sex slaves. The latter got the word to Anderson that the man would hit the other girls that shared her “place of business”. And the PP workers are contsantly under the gun to “sell” abortion, it was “all about the money” and not the ruined lives of these aborting moms.

Anderson concludes:  “The journey to abortion happens long before the girls show up at Planned Parenthood. These young girls who are 13, 14 years old—they’re looking for love and acceptance. By the time they get to Planned Parenthood, they’ve already been through some awful stuff.

“Where do you start educating these girls? High school? Junior high? It’s getting younger and younger.

“There’s something wrong with the family that this is happening, these single parent families, these dads in prison. The journey to prevent this starts way before they get to the door of any abortion center.”

No wonder PP has been called the largest domestic terrorist organization.

OR soviet edukashun board fires pro-life teacher…

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In true soviet Russian style, the intolerant and punitive school board in Portland, OR has fired pro-life activist and teacher, Bill Diss.

Previously, Diss refused to participate in being forced to give presentations for and on behalf of Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist group in the US, claiming to murder more than 350,000 babies annually, plus another 1.4 million via chemical abortions.

Says LifeSiteNews:

“Diss’s attorneys argue that he was wrongly terminated because of his religious beliefs, and have vowed to pursue legal action.  “Bill Diss is a well-qualified teacher with a track record of success,” said Dana Cody, President and Executive Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation.

“As the circumstances surrounding this termination demonstrate, Mr. Diss has done nothing that would merit being fired from his job. LLDF will pursue every possible avenue in defending Mr. Diss’ rights in this matter, and hopes to see his rights ultimately protected despite PPS’ actions.”

“Prior to his being placed on administrative leave in March, Diss had taught math and technology at Benson High School since 2002.”

This sort of action was common during the soviet period of Russian history from 1917 to 1989. It was not uncommon for dissidents and those disagreeing with the communist [called enemies of the state, parasites and other unprintables] regime to be arrested, locked up and deported to remote areas of Siberia in exile or as slave labor without any due process.

ESH says seems the lefties at Portland public school board have learned those lessons well.

Readers may politely and firmly contact the principal Curtis Willson here.