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More Lenten opps: Help PFLI donate vitamins, supplies to women in crisis pregnancies

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Show you care about women in a crisis pregnancy who are trying to do the right thing for their preborn babies; donate to the PFLI GoFundMe campaign today…any amount is gratefully appreciated!

Pharmacists For Life International is the only pharmacy association which is exclusively 100% total protection pro-life, something no other pharmacy organization can say (or would have the courage to say!). PFLI is a worldwide apostolate of thousands of pharmacists, plus hundreds of other health professionals, pharmacy students, interns, pharmacy technicians, and the public, in the USA, Canada and worldwide. We are represented on all of the continents except Antarctica, with active regional coordinators in many states and nations.

Image is for display purposes only; actual brand of vitamins donated are generic equivalents

PFLI’s mission is to make pharmacy once again a life-saving profession, a mooring from which it has drifted. As part of this commitment, PFLI is actively involved in educating pharmacists, nurses, physicians and other health professionals; educating the general public; serving pregnancy care centers; providing an economical speakers bureau; providing pharmaceutical cognitive services and consulting services; offering a toll-free contact phone number; providing on-line Internet and e-mail services; and providing many other benefits for members and non-members, pharmacists, lay persons, and students.

PFLI was founded in Cleveland, OH by four pharmacists of conscience. PFLI’s founding statement from May 1984 states: “PFLI defends, upholds and protects the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death, regardless of age, biological stage, handicap or place of residence.”

You can donate by clicking here….


The Pill Kills…Rachel Maddow head explodes

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Rachel Maddow is at it again. The lesbian TV chick on a cable station that almost never exceeds 1 million viewers for ANY of its programs, has been going ballistic over the truth campaign of the Pill Kills, sponsored by American Life League, Pharmacists For Life International and other groups.


Listen to her rant about the essential truths of the Pill:

  • it is often abortifacient and thus does kill preborn babies
  • it is seen as a direct link to breast and other cancers and this has been declared as a class A carcinogen by the WHO, hardly a pro-life front group, making it a confirmed source of aggressive cancers that Komen claims to fight but blocks the truth from getting to women users
  • hundreds or thousands of women die annually due to direct side effects of the Pill, including cancers, tumors, carviovascular issues (including strokes and blood clots), and other assorted maladies
  • it is not a policy operation by the GOP (but thanks for the suggestion!)
  • more preborn babies and moms die from the Pill by a factor of 4 to 5 fold annually in the US versus elective surgical abortion

Glad she’s helping spread the word about #ThePillKills with her regular tirades over this truth.

For more info on the Pill and its dangers go to PFLI.