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Lib fantasy law: Helping babies = hate speech

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We knew eventually the detached left would take this tactic in their war against babies and moms.

Now, the abortoholic left wants to call any pro-life speech as “hate speech”. Who’d a thunk it? In SF, CA, land of nuts and fruits?

A highly successful group called Walk for Life West Coast, which is organizing its 10th annual pro-life march in San Francisco on January 25, has placed 50 banners along Market Street reading “Abortion hurts women.” They will be flying for about a month. More than 40-50,000 people have been showing up at the Left Coast marches.

The so-called “Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women” [trust what? to kill their babies with the Gosnells of the world?} wrote a letter to Mayor Ed Lee, of Chinese descent, this week saying the banners contain “a false and hateful statement” and demanded they be removed.

Ellen Shaffer, director of the abortoholic so-called “Silver Ribbon Campaign”, said she considers the banners hate speech against women and that such baseless slogans contributed to an increased denial of reproductive health care for women and girls. She said Market Street now is lined with “Snowflakes — snowflakes and lies. It’s really a shock.”

Yep, snowflakes are killing the usually barren and snowless SF streets. Don’t tell them that in the NE where Storm Hercules is pouding them with 12-18″ of the white fluff. They may seek redress for “hate snow”!

Here’s another abortoholic who says we should trust women…