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    Allen Williams said:
    November 1, 2011 at 19:40

    No Ones Safe in Kansas

    by Allen Williams on Tue 1 Nov 2011 08:21 AM CDT | Cosmos

    “..You’re not in Kansas anymore” is a good description of the bizarre ethics trial of former Johnson County Prosecutor Phill Kline. Where else but ‘OZ’ would you prosecute your own attorney general for enforcing the law? And then, file ‘ethics charges’ against the same man appointed to replace a former Johnson County DA disgraced as attorney general in a sex scandal.

    Mr. Kline wasn’t tried on ethics charges, but rather for ‘offending’ others in his enforcement of the law. His great ‘crime’ was to set an absolute standard of application in the midst of a relative culture, an intolerable condition for the bloodthirsty. His trespass was against the ‘morals of the mind’ of social liberals everywhere of which KDHE is but one example. This is the real motivation for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to shred evidence. But, when ‘laws and ethics’ are based on offending others rather than written statues and guidelines, then no ONE is safe.

    Both the executive and judicial branches of the state actively worked against then attorney General Phill Kline while the state legislature passively resisted him in blocking subpoenas seeking to determine how Paul W. Clark a traffic court judge, was able to dismiss criminal charges against the late George Tiller. To ease the growing public concern over the breakdown of the rule of law, the legislature spent their time passing meaningless record keeping statues for medical facilities that had already demonstrated a proclivity for ignoring existing reporting requirements, that is, when the legislature wasn’t bowing to the Kansas Supreme Court.

    Kline’s case was barred from proceeding to trial by the state Supreme Court who blocked grand jury subpoenas and gagged sitting Judge Richard Anderson, the designated keeper of the abortion evidence.” Anderson– appointed by the Court to safeguard 2003 abortion records subpoenaed when Kline was AG– has partially testified about felony record falsification by Planned Parenthood.”

    Steve Six, governor Sebelius’s chosen successor for the disgraced Paul Morrison, sued
    Anderson to get the records back. Where else but the fantasy land of OZ could suspected criminals sue to get the evidence against them back into their own possession?

    The state legislature has been very good to the abortion industry, exempting them from health and safety standards required by law for other outpatient surgical facilities, despite well publicized abuses of underage girls. The state legislature prefers additional record keeping statues to curb child sexual abuse. And, we now all know just how ‘valuable’ all those abortion record-keeping laws have been… placebos for the gullible.

    The new Johnson County district Attorney Steve Howe, made a major breakthrough in pretrial proceedings by getting PP to agree to a trial ‘Table of Contents’ in less than 3 years. However, the victory was short lived when the DA’s office discovered that their evidence had been destroyed some six years prior. Surprise! Surprise! World Magazine reported: “The health department failed to disclose that fact, until it was forced to do so in the current felony case over whether it [PP] manufactured client records.”

    The Associated Press reported that document destruction was a routine state procedure for older records. But, when a state agency under control of the governor can destroy evidence known to apply to criminal proceedings as merely routine, without first checking to see whether that evidence is still within the statue of limitations (or has been subpoenaed), then no ONE is safe. It’s also highly indicative of how former governor Kathleen Sebelius, now the Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary, will administer the Obamacare system.
    But suppose the Health Department’s assertion is true, then why keep evidence in the first place if it isn’t going to be available for legal proceedings after charges have been filed? The answer is it depends on who’s going to trial and whether the crime is state sanctioned murder or not. You can be assured that it didn’t take the JOCO D.A. 2+ years to agree on a Table of Contents for Scott Roeder’s trial nor was any of that evidence routinely shredded. The press doesn’t like reporting such anomalies, because they don’t like facts interfering with their political agenda.

    However, it appears that destruction of the evidence by KDHE isn’t bad news for everyone. Now, Steve Howe doesn’t have to bungle the PP trial (as in the first 2 years) while he waits for the ethics commission to destroy Kline’s reputation; otherwise he might actually have to prosecute the case. Now, is that a fair assessment?

    Steve Howe should have got his ducks in a row before assuming the D.A. position from Kline after the election. But, he had no incentive to enforce abortion law because that would mean helping Kline. “Howe urged for a refocusing of DA efforts on prosecuting criminals, not politics: “We need to put politics behind us,” he said, “and get back to putting away the bad guys…” Huh? So falsifying state records doesn’t make you a bad guy? Wonder why the IRS prosecutes such violators?

    Howe had a cozy relationship with then JOCO DA Paul Morrison, working in the DA’s office some 17 years before deciding to run for district attorney. Wonder what made him so interested in the position at that point… getting fired? Howe had reason to hate Kline for firing him and his lackluster performance on the PP case is ample vindication of Mr. Kline. Then there’s the incident of Howe intercepting and opening a private package in January 2009 mailed to Phill Kline – a potential felony under US postal laws.

    Legal ‘Discovery’ is the one thing that neither side can afford in any trial, although there’s probable cause based on Judge Richard Anderson’s testimony; the resulting revelations would likely bring down the entire state government. Unless Anderson, Kline or someone else has certified KDHE records, Howe can simply let the case be dismissed for lack of evidence. So only Sebelius will get the blame.

    Unfortunately for PP and their political pals, the Kansas ethics committee hatchet job on Kline didn’t go credibly or smoothly. The committee had to withhold evidence in Kline’s ethics hearings to smear him. “In fact, for 20 full months, the state’s disciplinary board for lawyers suppressed an internal investigative report concluding there was zero probable cause to justify the ethics complaints.”

    The recommendation by the state ethics commission to indefinitely suspend the former Johnson County DA’s law license in Kansas, is one of the most egregious and despicable acts by any professional body and a strong testimony to the deep corruption in Kansas government.

    If PP is convicted, they lose federal and state funding and all those campaign dollars disappear from the coffers of many of our elected officials.

    Better think real ‘hard’ about it.

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