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Francis goes Orthodox, er, Mohammedan?

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What are Catholics to think? When statements made by the present Holy Father contradict his predecessors and would have been condemned uniformly, even by post-Vatican II popes?

From DICI’s edition this week 12/5/14:

50 years after Unitatis redintegratio: From schism to charism

On November 21, 1964, Paul VI promulgated the conciliar decree Unitatis redintegratio, destined to promote unity among Christians. 50 years later, where is ecumenism now? On November 29, 2014, Pope Francis declared to Bartholomew I, Patriarch of Constantinople: “The one thing the Catholic Church desires, and that I seek as Bishop of Rome, ‘the Church that presides in charity’, is communion with the Orthodox Churches;” and he explained that reestablishing full communion means “neither one submitting to the other, nor one being absorbed by the other.”

Indeed, the pope is in favor of unity in diversity. He thus declared, on the same day, to the Catholic community of Turkey: “The Holy Spirit brings forth different charisms in the Church”, that “may seem to create disorder”, but “in reality, this constitutes an immense richness, because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity, which is not the same thing as uniformity”; and he added that if we let ourselves “be led by the Spirit”, “richness, variety and diversity will never create conflict.”

To put it clearly, unity is not uniformity, and diversity is not disorder. There must be no more conflict of singular interests, but rather a recognition of a plural richness, for what was called a schism before the Council has today become a charism… In this perspective, the conciliar decree is going to end up becoming Unitatis desintegratio.”

A freemason would warmly smile at hearing such statements of indifference, of syncretism and virtual denial of Christ founding one true Church–called Catholic–built on the Rock of Peter, not schism and heresy, indifferentism or syncretism, a polyglot of false errors in belief.


So, Francis embraces schismatics who refuse the primacy of the See of St Peter, but condemns and vilifies and persecutes those who remain faithful to eternal Rome, the constant unchanging teachings of Holy Mother Church? Those whom he calls, inter alia, “neo pelagians”.

He asked the patriarch for his blessing, from a schismatic who doesn’t recognize his primacy! What are the faithful, so scnadalized by Francis, to think? How can error be reconciled with truth, if it denies that same truth? This is the great mystery of liberalism and modernism.



And in Turkey, when he wasn’t schmoozing the Orthodox patriarch, he was rubbing elbows with the Jesus and Mary-hating Mohammedans, whose own Koran claims that the passion, suffering and redemptive death of Christ were but made up and lied about by the apostles and early Church. The Koran attacks the Blessed Trinity, the virginal conception and birth of Christ, Christ as God made Man, and so on.

What are faithful Catholics to think and do? The saints and popes of old, including St Robert Bellarmine (who attended and voted at the true ecumentical Council of Trent) has stated when a pope teaches different than the Church and his predecessors have, we are not to follow those erroneous statements. Did not St Paul warn that if even an angel from heaven were to preach a gospel different from what he has handed on to the Church, that it was not to be listened to?

Don’t these qualify as such statements?