Abortion Barbie shows Abbott what size matters!

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Yep, folks, ESH cannot make this stuff up. In a year when the Dems will have their collective arses handed to them at the ballot box–one which they would love to stuff with 13-15 million illegal voters–Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis will have helped them seal their own losing fate.

And maybe their contempuous souls for all eternity with the damned if she doesn’t repent.

So she’s on the attack again. That’s what failed campaigns do when they have no ideas to solve real problems of real citizens.

This time it’s not attacking wheelchair-bound, handicapped Abbott. Oh no! It is something much more important than jobs, the economy, baby killing proclivities, crime or the festering ebola samples in Texas Presby Hospital.

It’s–drum roll–dildos!

And Abbott, so claims Abortion Barbie, is attacking womynfolk’s “right” to a dildo. The cad! [Sidebar: And no, ESH will not be showing visuals of Davis’s sick objects.]

From the DC:

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis earlier this month was pilloried in the press for her attack ad that prominently highlighted the fact that her Republican opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott uses a wheelchair. Davis took her attacks to a new level on Monday by strongly implying Abbott would support an interracial marriage ban, despite the fact that Abbott is married to a Latina. But less than three hours later, Davis again topped herself by forwarding an attack on Abbott about an unlikely issue: dildos.

In an emailed press release, Wendy Davis For Governor passed along an article from progressive magazine The Texas Observer entitled “Greg Abbott: Dildos? Against ‘em. Interracial Marriage? No Comment.” The piece attacks Abbott for his supposed reluctance to say whether he’d defend interracial marriage and his defense of Texas’ ban on the sale of sex toys. (RELATED: Even MSNBC Won’t Defend Wendy Davis Ad)

Gotta love that Abortion Barbie, her sneakers for killing babies and her love of inanimate objects used in a perverse manner.

You can view her sick ad here….just do it before lunch.

Also, in a nother perverse capitalist fundraiser, Davis is selling onesies promoting her failing campaign, for a mere $20. Guess that is an effort to make up for all the babies she would sentence to death in a suction vaccum of a TX abortion mill, kept unsanitarily open by the SCOTUS last week?



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