New abortifacient IUD Liletta approved by FDA

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Update 4/6/15: Liletta was entered into the market this week and one unit is showing an AWP=$750….keep that in mind when you pay your taxes and insurance premiums, covering this at no copay charge so women can chemically abort their children the next 3 years and possibly come down with a serious illness from the IUD, even unto death… ESH

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Liletta (levonorgestrel) Intrauterine Device – formerly Levosert

Company: Medicines360 and Actavis plc
Date of Approval: February 27, 2015
Treatment for: Contraception [abortifacient mechanism of action, chemically and mechanically]

Liletta (levonorgestrel) is a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) for use by women to prevent pregnancy for up to three years. The basic mechanism of action is abortifacient by action of the progestin levonorgestrel–which is poor at supressing ovulation–and the mechanical irritation of the endometrium after junior has been conceived and implanted in the womb.

Liletta FDA Approval History

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3 thoughts on “New abortifacient IUD Liletta approved by FDA


    Doody, Dennis said:
    April 9, 2015 at 14:18

    Is this drug covered by Medicaid? Also is it mandated by Obamacare regs to be covered by all private insurance plans in the U.S.? This is what was campaigned for by Sandra Fluke, the contraceptive pusher from G’town law school. If it’s being covered by Medicaid and other insurance plans, wouldn’t this be like some of the drugs covered by Medicare part D where they don’t cover certain pricy drugs. Medicare patients have to pay a big portion (if not all the cost) of the more pricy drugs because Medicare makes people get the lower priced drugs.

      eastsidehunky responded:
      April 13, 2015 at 09:16

      Dr Doody: I think it not only will be covered, it will be $0 copay since it falls into the abortofacient device category mandated by the Obamacare diktat. And we can count on more chemically and mechanically aborted babies, as well as numerous health problems for womyn using this implantable.

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