Tiny Slovenija turns away sodomite “marriage” and homo adoption

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Think Jerry Sandusky, dozens of victims in Happy Valley and your stomach can churn readily.

Tiny little Slovenija, formerly communist run by the hodge-podge amalgam of nationalities, languages and religions called “Jugoslavija” until from 1945 to 1991, turned away its legislature’s passage of the so-called pro-sodomite “Family Code” [hows that for irony?] on Sunday.

The Code–pass in June 2011 by the bicameral parliament of the almost 2 million nation that touches the Adriatic Sea, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia–was supported by president Danilo Turk and all the major political parties. As well all the drive by “mainstream media” lined up for the pro-sodomite Code against the pro-family forces led by Aleš Primc.

In the popular vote–the first of its kind for a EU nation and akin to ballot initiatives done at the state level in the USA–55% of voters rejected the new so-called “Family Code” and 45% supported the pro-sodomite law. Turnout was 30% on a sunny Sunday, a common voting day in Europe.

“The people of Slovenija expressed their belief that motherhood and fatherhood are both unique and represent a fundamental value; for the good of a child,” said Aleš Primc, head of the Civil Initiative that proposed the referendum.

Slovenija–not to be confused with Slovakia which sits above Austria–is a primarily Roman Catholic nation that suffered horribly during World War II by Nazi invasions and murders, as well as a communist revolution that either killed or displaced tens of thousands. Most fleeing emigres after the war were religious and political victims and dispersed chiefly to the US, Canada, Argentina, other parts of Europe and Australia.

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A good Christmas message on the realities of the holy day

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A great message for the feast of Christmas from Brother Andre Marie, MICM, of the Traditional monastery in NH.

Brevity here so one can focus on the important message that is not cute and cuddly but stark reality of what is happening in the world, with the barbarians already inside the gates.

How will you respond this year?