GOP RINOs join Dems to fund PP, Obamacare, baby murder

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The compromising GOP RINOs with a majority in the US House, overwhelmingly voted with the left and the Dems last week to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) which would temporarily fund the government, including full funding for the Regime’s Obamacare socialized medicine gimmick and Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization.

Republican House Leaders John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise

The latter brags about murdering more than 340,000 babies by surgery alone per year in the US. The number doesn’t include PP’s own declaration of handing out more than 1.4 million so-called “morning after pill” abortifacients, which are all clearly abortions ex post facto.

Last year, PP received over a hafl billion $$$ in taxpayer funding. This amount does NOT include the deep deep discounts it receives for abortifacient drugs like Plan B, the Pill, etc as a so-called “non profit” closed business for pennies on the dollar compared to what your corner neighborhood pharmacy has to pay for the same drugs, to which they add a phenomenal markup profit only to turnaround and bill that huge price to the government and health insurers.

They have also been busted numerous times by Live Action and investigator journalist James O’Keefe and lying to underage girls and failing to report or covering up sex abusers of underage girls and rapists.


On top of that insult to taxpayers, Planned Parenthood has just launched a pilot program to change getting abortifacient pills. Now, patients in Minnesota and Washington will be able to talk to a nurse online and even get their so-called “birth control” medication mailed to them at home in an unmarked package. There is little birth and almost no control in this plan.

In October, the program will be expanded to STI consultation, and even mail-order medications for chlamydia. There’s even a phone app!

House Republicans, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner, joined with Democrats to pass a continuing resolution late Wednesday that will continue to fully fund Obamacare, which has never had majority support in any poll since its passage, as well as funding Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion factory which also teaches sadomasochism to girls as young as 15-years-old

Additionally, the bill to fund the government through December 11, provides funding for Obama’s request to “train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition,” ie, “Syrian rebels.”

A 1964 PP ad tells the truth about abortion. Not so today! Now it’s a “choice” with PP’s war on women and babies

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