War on Tradition

Francis: more War on Tradition

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The Francis effect is now quite well known in the Catholic world, and elsewhere. It is the ongoing, incessant War on Tradition, the Mass of All Times, sanctity and conversely, the elevating of all that is contrary to the faith and right reason, in the muddy quadmire of personal sin, or that has been anathemitized as heretical and schismatic.

Louie Verrecchio deals with it this past week in the “diminished and distorted Christ” in the modernist quasi-masonic world of Francis, full of clown noses and beach balls on the same altar where the perfect and  immaculate sacrifice re-enactment of Calvary occurs.

Full of attacks on those who wish to be most faithful and pious in their fealty to Christ and His Spotless Bride the Church, yet nothing but luv, luv, luv for those who despise Christ and His bride with lives thrown into divorce, remarriage, cohabitation, contraception, abortion, sodomy and so on.

Louie quotes Cardinal Rodriguez and says:

The function of the hierarchy is redefined in reference to Jesus as Suffering Servant, not as “Pantocrator” (lord and emperor of this world); only from the perspective of someone crucified by the powers of this world it is possible to found, and to explain, the authority of the Church.


Pope Francis, apparently, has great difficulty reconciling humble service with the majestic dignity inherent to kingly authority, as if the two are mutually exclusive.

In truth, Christ the King is the perfect synthesis of these attributes; even as those who act in His person as priests, bishops and ultimately as His Vicar (the Sovereign Roman Pontiff) are at times persecuted in this world by those who reject Him.

And yet, Pope Francis can only seem to imagine that he is Vicar of a Christ who is servant alone, apart from being the King who reigns over all men and all nations. Thus is his Christology, and likewise his understanding of his own office, rendered “diminished and distorted.”

And always to be defended by the Neo-Catholics with a brutalness previously reserved only for those against the One, True Faith, bordering on a dictatorship of the proletariat-esqueness, with zero tolerance and hate-filled invective. No one is to be burned at the stake except Trads!

How true!