1163: Number of NuvaRing lawsuits keep piling up…

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The first of hundreds of lawsuits leveled against the NuvaRing powerful steroidal hormonal abortifacient birth control device has been granted its day in federal court.

The number of lawsuits with similar claims against NuvaRing have skyrocketed over the last two years, increasing from just over 700 in April 2011 to 1,163 in May 2013.

Prather and other plaintiffs charge Merck’s subsidiary, Organon, the maker of NuvaRing, with negligence in investigating the device’s side effects, failure to warn users of health risks, falsely marketing the product as “safe” and “effective,” and inadequate design, testing, and manufacturing methods.


Because it does not always successfully prevent ovulation and at times prevents implantation after fertilization/creation has occurred, NuvaRing is considered an abortifacient capable of inducing a chemical abortion.

ESH estimates that when the plaintiffs are done with Big Abortion giant J&J, this and fellow lawsuits against IUDs like Paragard and Mirena and Dalkon Shield could look like child’s play.

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