FDA OK’s generic abortifacient for Plan B One-Step…

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The FDA recently approved a generic version for the abortifacient so-called “emergency abortion” pill Plan B One-Step. It was for the OTC version per the recent diktat of various low level courts to sell this high dose known carcinogen without any restrictions, unfettered from all the limitations and regulations imposed on all other drugs. This fits the narrative for the Regime desiring more preborn baby killings often and without any restrictions.

Gavis Launches My Way, OTC Emergency Contraception

But, the FDA pulled a quick one and surprised all parties. They did so by giving big daddy abortifacient maker Teva, an Israeli firm, the monopoly on the OTC version of its Plan B One-Step.

So the fate of the newly approved generic, known as MyWay, and made by unknown player Gavis, is in question at the time of this writing. Since the FDA approved it as an OTC, it may have some more hoops to jump through to change it to “Rx only” status. ESH wonders if the sex slavery perverts and assault experts of incest can wait.


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