Cuyahoga medical examiner: 22 yr old died from abortion complications

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The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s (the county where Cleveland is located) office released a statement last week indicating that the death of Lakisha Wilson, 22, died as the result of a heart attack suffered immediately after she underwent a so-called “therapeutic” abortion. The full autopsy report is not yet available, according to the statement.

This finding confirms what Operation Rescue has said since this tragedy occurred, that Wilson’s death was an abortion-related one.

“After we obtained 911 records that stated a patient was ‘not breathing at all, along with the notation that there was a patient death, we were sure that Wilson died from abortion complications. That has now been confirmed by the Medical Examiner’s office,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “If Lakisha Wilson had not gone to Preterm, she would be alive today. We renew our call for the closure of that abortion clinic in order to protect other women from suffering Lakisha’s tragic fate.”

Preterm abortion mill has had fatalities and near fatalities before, sending a number of young women to local Cleveland area hospitals. Wilson was pronounced dead at nearby University Hospitals on March 28. The hospitals are part of the Case Western University complex in the University Circle area on the east side of town.

Operation Rescue joined with national and state pro-life leaders at a news conferenceheld at Preterm on April 2, where they called for the Ohio Department of Health to shut Preterm down. During the press conference, ODH officials were conducting an inspection of Preterm. Their investigation in ongoing.

ESH can only wonder what new evidence will be found 2 months after Wilson’s death that would not indicate a need to shut down this health hazard to the women and babies of northeast Ohio. The Ohio Dept of Health can be reached HERE.. Their phone number is 614-466-3543.

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