Gatter Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts

Klan Barrenhood cries foul after expose video #2 shows selling “crunchy” baby parts for Lamborghini

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Selling “crunchy” baby body parts so a medical director can buy a Lamborghini? The largest domestic terrorist group is crying foul.

It is readily apparent that the cries of Klan Barrenhood about being persecuted for 10 years by peaceful, prayerful, non violent pro-lifers ring hollow to anyone paying minimal attention to the abortion wars.

Pharmer puts it well this way:

“…Let the public be reminded that Planned Parenthood has been harassing pharmacists for 15 years or more, in an attempt to force the pro-lifers to dispense abortifacient drugs, with their efforts leading to success in a number of states. In fact, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Ohio intervened directly in the employment lawsuit between this pharmacist and K Mart way back in 2001, in order to delay  the inevitable outcome…”

They were also active behind the scenes in the persecution of IL pharmacists by the convict Rod “Slobodan” Blagojevich going back to at least 2005. “Slobodan” worked with Walgreens executives to harrass and fired pharmacists with a conscience–sometimes during the overnight graveyard shift–as he had the IL assembly pass an illegal act, later overturned by all competent courts on the matter. Even a  diktat from a felon Serbian ex-governor does not trump civil and religious rights of pharmacists in the workplace. PP was right there, egging Blago on.

Says Pharmer in the same piece: “Planned Parenthood has been attacking pro-life  health care professionals and Crisis Pregnancy Centers for decades.” Let’s not forget their role in various states working to illegally strip the rights of religion and conscience for pharmacists and other health professionals, as well as harassing CPCs, as they did in CT and NY under Client #9, the ex-gov. and ex-AG Sidney Blumenthal.

Have a look see…