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Abortifacients OTC: GOP wants them, Dems, PP fighting agin them

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In a wierd volte face, the GOP is fighting and clawing for OTC abortifacients (e.g. the Pill, Plan B, etc) and the Dems and Klan Barrenhood–the largest domestic terrorist group–are fighting AGAINST the measure. At least as far as who will pay for these carcinogenic abortifacients.

Naturally Sen Patty Murray (D-WA) and fellow abortoholics want more dead preborn babies and more womyn polluting their bodies with these high dose steroids. And GOP members led by some rookies like Cory Gardner (R-CO) and the two NC senators, are all for it, but not on the Obamacare ATM ride. Gardner, in fact, ran on the issue in his run last year for the Senate

Go figure!


The bill upholds requirements in the Affordable Care Act mandating access to prescription birth control covered by insurance companies, so over-the-counter birth control would be covered without new costs.

“I believe strongly that women should be able to get the comprehensive health care they need when they need it, without being charged extra, without asking permission and without politicians interfering,” Murray said.

So do Republicans, according to Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., who unveiled a GOP proposal late last month that also aims to make birth control pills available without a prescription. The bill makes good on a campaign pledge by Gardner in his successful election against incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall. The race focused almost singularly on women’s health care and reproductive rights.

Gardner’s bill would allow for over-the-counter birth control, and includes a proposal that would allow women to pay for it through health savings accounts. Gardner’s bill would put an age restriction for access to adults 18 years and above; Murray’s plan has no age restrictions.


This will mean more chemical abortions, more womyn contracting various cancers from these toxic steroids, and more health care costs related to the hundreds of side effects that womyn suffer from these abortifacients. And if approved, that will mean less follow up and care for womyn procuring these carcinogens OTC.

Way to go, GOP!