Vaccinations: part deux; science deniers

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From Phil Lawler’s article this week discussing the social uproar over measles, vaccinations and conscientious objections, in the moral arena.


The DNC and the left want to make this their “war on women” theme against the GOP for the 2016 elections, but it is about more than just the juvenile pedantics of the left. It is not some sound bite that the GOP is anti-science (yet the abortoholic left denies the science of 4D ultrasounds clearly showing the  humanity of preborns?)

It is an opportunity to re-visit an area that often impacts the lives of families wishing to live a moral life, untainted by material cooperation with the demonic evil of killing innocent preborn babies so Big Pharma like Merck can force immoral vaccines made from immoral sources down the throats of the plebes.

The resistance will not cave so easily.

On the matter of vaccines and moral/ethical considerations

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Please see the link from  the Pontifical Academy for Life when it drafted this document in 2005 that, IMNHO, it may have magisterial weight since it was approved by John Paul II.

The summary is notable, especially the first line, in light of the recent political discussions around vaccinations and those objecting to them, especially for religious and moral reasons. This hype in the drive by media  is a political tactic of the DNC and the left for the 2016 election (much like the “war on women” strategy of 2012), in an effort to demonize their opponents.

ESh thinks it offers an opportunity to re-visit a moral problem often ignored or misunderstood, even by pro-lifers and devout Catholics.


To summarize, it must be confirmed that:

  • -there is a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines and to make a conscientious objection with regard to those which have moral problems;
  • - as regards the vaccines without an alternative, the need to contest so that others may be prepared must be reaffirmed, as should be the lawfulness of using the former in the meantime insomuch as is necessary in order to avoid a serious risk not only for one’s
  • own children but also, and perhaps more specifically, for the health conditions of the population as a whole – especially for pregnant women;
  • - the lawfulness of the use of these vaccines should not be misinterpreted as a declaration of the lawfulness of their production, marketing and use, but is to be understood as being a passive material cooperation and, in its mildest and remotest sense, also active, morally justified as an extrema ratio due to the necessity to provide for the good of one’s children and of the people who come in contact with the children (pregnant women);
  • - such cooperation occurs in a context of moral coercion of the conscience of parents, who are forced to choose to act against their conscience or otherwise, to put the health of their children and of the population as a whole at risk. This is an unjust alternative choice, which must be eliminated as soon as possible.

666: Klan Parenthood’s numbers drop to a diabolical low

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From ALL/STOPP’s 2014 report on Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization in the US:

Executive Summary
Planned Parenthood recently released its 2013-2014 annual report, giving the latest data on its finances and its services. The purpose of this facilities report is to add a historical perspective on Planned Parenthood’s
operations and use that to identify where Planned Parenthood is today and what actions it will be taking in the short-term.

In its annual report, Planned Parenthood said it committed 327,653 abortions in 2013, had a record income of $1.3 billion, and a near-record profit of $127.1 million — giving the impression of a thriving organization. However, when one digs deeper in the service numbers in the annual report, a different picture of PP’sstatus emerges . . .

• Planned Parenthood did fewer abortions last year than it did in three of its last four years.
• Planned Parenthood’s customer base fell to its lowest level since 2001.
• The number of PP female contraceptive customers is lower than nine of its last 12 years.
• Planned Parenthood breast and cervical cancer screenings have dropped 40-60 percent since 2009.

The data presented in this report on Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States will provide insight on why PP is seeing the decline in its services and what it plans to do to correct the decline. This report will show:

• During 2014, Planned Parenthood Federation of America continued to close “health centers”
at a record rate. This year, it closed 34 centers in a total of 19 different states (see Table 1).
• Planned Parenthood now operates 668 centers [ESH note: decreased to 666 recently after this report released] in the United States, of which 337 commit surgical and/or medical abortions. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain, operating 45.6 percent of all the surgical/medical abortion facilities (see Table 2).
• This year is the first time in 10 years that Planned Parenthood had fewer surgical abortion centers AND fewer medical abortion centers AND fewer total number of surgical/medical abortion centers (see Table 3).
• There is only one state where Planned Parenthood has consistently grown the number of its centers.
• Planned Parenthood operates medical facilities in all but one state.

Two other items not discussed in detail in this report, but are in the actual PPFA annual report: 1) PP depends on our taxes for nearly half its income and now collects more than a half billion $$$ from US taxpayers; and 2) not reported with any fanfare is that PP handed out about 1.4 million Plan B-type morning after abortion kits, so the reporting of 350,000 abortions reflects only about 20% of ALL abortions perpetrated by the PP killing machine. On top of that PP protects child and sex abusers, as been exposed numerous times by Live Action and Project Veritas, inter alia.

PP Government income in 2013: $540.6 million—44.7% of total income
PP Government income in 2012: $542.4 million—45% of total income
PP Government income in 2011: $538.5 million—44% of total income
PP Government income in 2010: $487.4 million—46.5% of total income

You can read the entire report here…

Matt: Fry the sodomite spews his atheist religion hate

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Listen to Michael Matt, editor and publisher of The Remnant, discuss the pedantics of Hobbit star, Stephen Fry,  as the latterblasphemes God and proudly proclaims his faith in dogmatic atheism.Fry also played the British psychologist on the zfox series Bones.

Michael Matt uses Adam, Eve, Genesis and Bono to answer Fry and challenge de facto false religions such as atheism and evolution. He discusses the issue with Catholic pro-life attorney Chris Ferrara.

Fry, 57, recently “married” his 27 yr old homosexual lover in sodomite bliss. After a troubled childhood and adolescence, during which he was expelled from two schools and spent three months in prison, Fry went into acting.

Like most Brit thespians, he likes to make his fortune in the USA–while attacking its success story for millions–with its more favorable tax structure and opportunities vs the 55% income tax rate in dreary England.

Don’t you think it’s time Catholics got serious about the heresy of Darwinian Evolution? And ship back British actors so American aspiring entertainers can procure jobs in movies, TV and radio as is rightfully theirs?

Support PFLI’s efforts on GoFundMe

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ESH is raising money for Pharmacists For Life International. Click to Donate: via @gofundme

Support good prenatal care and defend the rights of conscience for pharmacists and all health professionals!


First generic Nexium finally approved

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FDA has approved the first generic version of Nexium—esomeprazole magnesium delayed-release capsules—to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in adults and children aged 1 year and older. Esomeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) that reduces the amount of acid in the stomach.

Ivax Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a subsidiary of  Israeli-based Teva Pharmaceuticals, has gained approval to market esomeprazole in 20-mg and 40-mg capsules.

The drug already has an OTC version, Nexium 24Hr, which is 22.4mg of esomeprazole, roughly the equivalent of the 20mg Rx only version.

Ranbaxy, which had its 180 day exclusivity of a generic Nexium revoked by the FDA earlier in the week, continued to have its effort for a generic Nexium frustrated by the FDA blocking its importation of the raw ingredient from its manufacturing plants in India. The latter have been subject to shut down by the FDA due to multiple alleged violations of Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs).

Patients using brand name Nexium, the Rx only version, should consult with their pharmacist or doctor on how and when they can begin receiving the Ivax generic formulation, along with the lower cost and copay that goes with generic drugs at retail pharmacy Rx plans.

Francis goes Buddhist

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From DICI 1/30/15, the text says it all, especially the end.

ESH also says “Je suis catholique!” and not some pagan lost religion from which Francis seems we of the one, truth faith can learn something. Here ESH thought Christ was the light of the world, the narrow sheep gate through which we must go to reach the Father and eternal salvation.

The church “has become more respectful”? She always has been, it does not mean you stop telling the truth, even if it is hard to hear: those outside the Barque of Peter are going to hell, Holy Father. Too bad you forgot the catechism of your youth, even though you act as if you remember. This modernism is destructive and scandalizes the faithful, at least those who continue to bitterly cling to their Traditional Faith.



“On board the airplane that brought him from Colombo to Manila on January 15, 2015, the Supreme Pontiff answered questions from journalists. One of them, Christoph Schmidt, asked him about that visit to the Buddhist temple. “What was the reason for such an apparently spontaneous visit? Are you impressed by that religion? We know that the Christian missionaries believed right up to the twentieth century that Buddhism was a fraud, a diabolical religion.”

“The Pope replied that the man in charge of the temple “came to greet me at the airport and I went to visit him…. At Madhu I saw something which I would never have expected: not everyone there was Catholic, not even the majority! There were Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and each one came to pray; they go and they say they receive graces there. There is among the people—and the people are never wrong—the sense that there is something there that unites them. And if they are so naturally united in going together to pray at that shrine…, then why shouldn’t I go to a Buddhist temple to greet them? What happened yesterday at Madhu is very important. It helps us to understand the meaning of the interreligious experience in Sri Lanka: there is respect for one another. There are small fundamentalist groups, but these are not with the people: they are ideological elites….

“Now, as for their going to hell! Even the Protestants…. When I was a child, some seventy years ago, all Protestants were going to hell, all of them. That’s what we were told…. But I believe that the Church has become much more respectful—as I said during the interreligious meeting in Colombo—and appreciative. When we read what the Second Vatican Council said about the values to be found in other religions, the Church has grown greatly in this regard. And yes, there are dark periods in the history of the Church, we must admit, without being ashamed, because we too are on a path of constant conversion: always moving from sin to grace. And this interreligious experience of fraternity, each always respecting the other, is a grace.”

This prompted the Italian journalist Alessandro Gnocchi to write at his website Riscossa Cristiana: “Interreligious experience regarded as a grace by the Vicar of Christ: never before had we gone that far. We had never reached the point where a Pontiff plainly calls the fact of not belonging to Our Lord a grace. In view of all the self-destructive activity that had brought the Church to this point, and to be realistic about it, we are surprised at the surprise of those who wonder how the Pope can say such things: this is Modernism, dear friends, sooner or later this had to happen. Welcome to the new religion. Me, I’m keeping the old one: ‘Je suis catholique.’ [The Italian author wrote here in French, parodying the signs held by those protesting the murder of the staff of Charlie Hebdo. – Translator’s note.]”

(Sources: apic/eda/vis/radiovatican/ît-et-moi – DICI no. 309 dated January 30, 2015)