End of year benefits assessment

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As end of year time brings us the need to select benefits for next year, ESH is just recalling all the upside benefits and selling points of Mohammedanism…


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#Je suis got it wrong

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From the “wish I had said it first” department, an excellent brief summary of the problem of the “Jes suis Charlie” robots who defend anything said about anyone, anytime. Truth is, blasphemies against the Son of God, and His Ever Virgin Mother are never defended by the leftist secular drive by media, here and abroad. Too bad the Pope did not defend the founder of the Church of which he is vicar on earth, and His Mother, with the alacrity with which he dispenses of his Traditionalist nemeses in the Church as neo-pelagians and other insults.

For whom does the bell toll?

One million demonstrators in Paris on January 11, 2015, chanted the slogan, “Je suis Charlie,”—“I am Charlie,” while brandishing a pen, which has become the symbol of assassinated freedom of expression; this is the official, unanimously agreed-on version of the media outlets and the political parties. But in reality, when you know what the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo really is, you would have had to attribute to each of those demonstrators the following sentiments: I am in favor of anarchy and sacrilege, like the cartoonists who depicted the Blessed Virgin in an obscene manner in their Christmas issue; I am a nihilist and a blasphemer like those who, a few years ago, drew two recycling bins with the caption, “This is my body” and “This is my blood,” or more recently showed a condom in the form of a Host.

On January 7, the day of the attack, Pope Francis declared that it was imperative to “oppose hatred and all forms of violence, which destroys human life, violates the dignity of the human person, and radically undermines the fundamental good of peaceful coexistence among persons and peoples, beyond differences of nationality, religion and culture.” And Bishop Stanislas Lalanne of the Diocese of Pontoise, and Bishop Pascal Delannoy of the Diocese of Saint-Denis were the official representatives of the Church at the January 11 demonstration. During that time, one of the surviving cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo said that he “puked on those who, suddenly, say that they are our friends,” and added ironically: “We have lots of new friends, like the Pope, Queen Elizabeth or Putin: that makes me laugh.”

On January 8 at noon, in the rain, Notre Dame Cathedral sounded the death knell. For whom did that bell toll?

–Father Alain Lorans

Commies 2, USA 0

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The commies of the world showed everyone they still have some firepower, comrade!

The Kenyan kommie handed communist dictators in Cuba a huge PR victory at no cost to them and lots of cost to the USA yesterday, declaring he’s opening up trade and travel with the anti-capitalist running dogs. It is the will of the people. The Kenyan kommie said so! We can’t do things the same way and expect a different result. Really?

What do you call the same playbook the Dems and the left run to at every election. Oh, BTW, how did that work for ya in the Nov 2014 elections, Barrie? If the Castro bros hold a Liberation Theology Mass, presided by Pope Francis, and the Kenyan kommie is made altar BOY/valet, is that racist?

The poor, squashed citizens of Cuba got nothing in the deal and ther lot will remain piss poor, the same as it has since 1959 when Fidel’s commies overthrew Batista and nationalized most private property including casinos and the like held by the Mob. They have long memories, Dear Leader.

Poor Rubio and Cruz are really ticked off, rightly so. Let’s see if they make something of blocking this in the new Congress come Jan 2015.

The Sony capitulation involves a seedier backstory but is no less disturbing in terms of its meaning for fundamental rights, particularly the rights of free speech and private ownership of property.

Sony’s planned release of “The Interview” clearly caught the attention of North Korea’s psychotic despot dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Mr Rogan, tear down this screen! And so Sony did. Guess it’ll always be Sony in Pyongyang Now! So much about “courage” and “bravery” to discuss now at the Awards, especially after all these displays of raw cowardice.

Hands up! Oops they shot!

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Presumptive lone wolf terrorist hostage taker, the self-style cleric from Iran who took hostages at a cafe in Sydney earlier today, is dead.

Shot by the gun toting cops. You know, the kind the ones in Ferguson, MO and NYC carry when perps threaten citizens trying to pick up their daily latte.

They shoot these bad actors on the spot when they open fire and threaten to harm citizens. That’s the role of cops in society, when it functions correctly, absent the psychiatric mental illness of liberalism.

So this moron Mohammedan will no longer shoot innocent people, as he did today, killing 2 of the hostages and injuring at least one cop. He is now visiting his 72 virgins in the hell that he chose, and which Satan welcomes him to.

That is the final place for such terrorists who kill innocent lives without repenting of their mortal sin(s) before their death, as this Mohammedan seemed to do. Only a grace of God at the last moment could save him, but odds are about as good of that happening as Johnny Football winning his first outing….oops Bungles beat the Browns 30-0.

Your bad, Man Haron Monis! Dittos to you looney libs on the left. Hands up, don’t shoot! I can’t breathe either, LeBron and Kobe, when all reason is suppressed as has been in uncivil discourse and your houses of hate.


Head fake: no EO on immigration amnesty

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It appears all the hubabub over illegal immigrants and their amnesty was a head fake from a bad basketball player but a shrewd politico, the Kenyan kommie, WND reports.

From WND:

Today the National Archives and Records Administration, responsible for such maintaining such filings, said no such executive order was ever signed or filed, confirming WND’s report Wednesday.

A National Archives librarian, Jeffrey Hartley, made the confirmation in an email Thursday to WND.

“As I indicated, it would appear that there is not an Executive Order stemming from the President’s remarks on November 20 on immigration,” Hartley wrote.

Hartley said that neither of the executive orders Obama signed in Las Vegas the day after his announcement fulfill his plan to defer deportations and grant work permits to up to 5 million illegal aliens.

“The only two documents that I have located are two Presidential Memoranda, which are available from the White House site,” Hartley’s email continued. “They can also be found in the November 26, 2014 issue of the Federal Register.”

Nothing like lots of heat and attention when one is a lame duck and irrelevant to the national political scene. That, and taking attention off all his shortcomings: Benghazi, IRS scandals, VA scandals, Fast N Furious, Secret Service hookers, Klan Parenthood promoting baby killing of blacks and other minorities, etc, etc.

Bitter is the new better?

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The Kenyan kommie, with 26 months to go and counting, came out swinging and bitter as can be with the national repudiation of “all my policies” in the Nov 4 elections that saw the GOP take back control of the US senate, new seats in state governments and increase its majority margin by around 20 seats in the House.

Self-absorbed as always, the Kenyan “waved a red flag in front of a bull” as putative Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated yesterday. Go ahead, just try me.

President Barack Obama is pictured. | AP Photo

What me worry?

The latter won and handily defeating pro-O’Bama and anti-coal hyphenated what’s-her-name Grimes. And all that without ex-Senator Tom Harkins of IA calling her as cute as Taylor Swift. Oops! No feminazi outbursts after that faux pas, eh Tom?

The election was a “wall to wall shellacking” of the Kenyan’s marxist policies, as Charles Krauthammer put it so elegantly last night on Special Report with Britt Baer. Despite the huge political losses–many of them shooting down what little influence remains with the congential liars, Bubba and Hilary–the Kenyan remained self-focused and defiant, challenging the new GOP dominated Congress to come-n-git him. Despite many appearances and fundraisers, the Clintons’ home state of AR went totally Republican, from top to bottom for the first time in 141 years!

Hey Barrie: This is what an entire takeover looks like!

The Kenyan kommie  fully intends to use that cellphone and pen he waves around like the golf duffing he is known to do, confirmed by his BFF Michael Jordan. For anyone expecting postelection contrition at the White House or vows to change course after a disastrous election for Democrats,  O’Bama had one message Wednesday: Think again. Privately, O’Bama’s advisers acknowledge that Tuesday’s outcome was far worse than what they expected.

It ended being 70 minutes of drivel in prime time–he usually waits till Rush Limbaugh’s show is over so commentary will be held one business day–with his lead jamming log: no repatriation of illegal immigrants, many of them Hispanic, but also some Mohammedans and other undesirable ethnics sneaking in to size up the competition via the Rio Grande.

“I would enjoy some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell,” said the Kenyan, who last year mocked the idea of having a drink with the GOP leader, something is often is want to do.

Then, offering a glimpse into how little time O’Bama has spent cultivating a relationship with McConnell over the past six years, the president added, “I don’t know what his preferred drink is.”

It doesn’t matter. What further damage the Kenyan putz tries the next 26 lame duck months, will be kept in check or undone as soon as the Grand Ole Party has control of all 3 branches of government come January 2017, thanks to the Kenyan kommie and his megalomaniac dreams to take over all facets of American life.


Gang of violent blacks attacks man, woman after sexually harrassing her

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More from the “it won’t be reported in the drive by media” department.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. It is happening everywhere and with increasing regularity. And ESH thought we were a “post racial” nation now that the self-styled savior is occupying the White House like an ISIS stooge on vacay.

A gang of at least 6 black males sexually harrassed a white woman outside a bar in Springfield, MO and then when her boyfriend showed up, they beat the couple viciously and mercilessly.

Where are the Sharpton/Jackson race baiting hustlers and shakedown artists when you need them? How come no non-stop coverage and hand wringing by the state run drive by media?

The woman, Meredith Cole, told police she was sexually harassed outside the club by several of the black males on August 22. She quickly went inside to retrieve her boyfriend, Alex Vassey, a DJ at the Outland Ballroom. The pair then went outside to see if they could identify any of the harassers.

Once out on the street, a gang of six black youths snuck up behind them and started attacking the couple, beating them in their faces and kicking Vassey after he was knocked to the ground.

The video clearly shows Vassey being viciously assaulted, as well as showing the young woman being punched in the face and knocked to the ground twice.

The victims were both sent to the hospital and treated for multiple contusions, bruises, and cuts. Cole also suffered a fractured ankle. No perps have been held or arrested yet.

Calvary: film review states it’s an eye opener

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ESH received the following review from Catholic author Tomas Ryan and shares it in its entirety with the express and full permission of the author.

Calvary Reviewed
by Tomás Ryan
Columbus, OH


In order to avoid sitting through some excruciating previews, I usually try to show up late to the movie theatre.   Last month, I failed to do that and I saw a preview of Calvary starring Brendan Gleeson as Fr. James Lavelle.   I first noticed Gleeson in his portrayal of Gerry Boyle in The Guard a farcical comedy about a bumbling anti-hero, with few scruples, who rises to the occasion with courage when big city evil comes to his backwater town.
The preview introduces a man, through the anonymity of the confessional, who claims to have been sexually abused by a priest who is now dead.   He advises Fr. Lavelle that he is going to kill him in a week not because he is guilty but rather because he is good.  Given the hostility of the film industry to the Faith, viewers could be excused for assuming that this will be just another attempt to drag the Church through the mud or to at least make a plea for a married clergy.   Nothing could be further from the truth.
 While the film makes no excuses for the sex abuse scandals in the Irish Church, it makes it incredibly difficult for the Church’s critics to put the blame where they want it.   The film is a punch in the face and has the potential to reshape the entire paradigm for how the world sees the priesthood in light of the abuse that the media feed on.
 In this review, I’ll try my best not to divulge too much of the plot because, at the risk of sounding blasphemous or hyperbolic, I have to admit that this film affected me as much as Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. True,  I knew how The Passion was supposed to unfold.  That is why I don’t want to deprive the readers of the experience of being in the theatre during the unexpected climax, through the denouement and  credits and being able to hear the proverbial pin drop.  Instead, I’ll try to focus on describing Fr. Lavelle and his strange environment for it is in attacking the priesthood that the enemies of the Church have had the most success.  Lavelle himself tactfully bats away Black Legends with a condescending wit but he is soiled with the bile and vitriol associated with pedophilia solely because he has devoted his life to a vocation.

Against the backdrop of the sex abuse scandals and a Church that seems hell bent on trivializing itself even further, a good priest is made to suffer at the hands of a society that has gone mad with its own depravity and the effects of sin.  Even those who still assist at Mass no longer believe.  The Faith is lost, abetted no doubt by banal liturgies offered in a spartan timber chapel better suited as a Quaker meeting house than for offering the un-bloody sacrifice of the Mass.  Perhaps, such a church was only built because, as part of the plot, it is burnt to the ground. Mercifully, the director has spared us images of Communion in the Hand or other institutionalized abuses.  In an artistic way, he shows us that true traditional Catholicism isn’t restricted to the Tridentine Mass.

The movie carries an “R” rating which it easily earns for graphic violence. There is also bad language.  Very bad language.   It’s the graphic sexual language which serves to prove that there isn’t anything a priest hasn’t heard in the confessional (or hurled at him by a passerby on the street!).  Viewers quickly see that priests are engaged in a War with the Culture of Death, an enemy that knows no bounds and doesn’t play fair. The only nudity comes with the appearance of an execrable sodomite who prances around half naked taunting Fr. Lavelle because  he can’t tempt him.  Nevertheless, Father sees the pain through this man’s facade and his irritating impersonation of James Cagney.  His offers to help him are ridiculed and rejected. Clearly, the director isn’t trying to gain sympathy for this lifestyle because  in The Guard, the same actor appears as someone arrested for having relations with a lamb. Appropriately in Calvary, he’s the personal whore of the inspector with the local Gardai, a man who has no faith and blames his own banishment to the rural west on the influence of the Church in response to his attempt to bring one of “those pedophile priests” to justice.

It is revealed early that Fr. Lavelle is a widower and a late vocation.
He is the embodiment of the Cultural Catholicism our neo-Catholic friends so love to impugn for its inability to stand up to the onslaught on the Faith forgetting, or never knowing, that when the iconoclasts came in the last century with willing collaborators in the hierarchy, it was the simple pious practices and devotions that they attacked first, not Aquinas’ proofs for the existence of God.  Loss of belief in the Faith followed a decline in its practice.
Failure to understand this about him, has led to the film’s panning on some Catholic websites. While his sensus fidei steers him toward profound insights on the mercy of God when dealing with a suicidal daughter in a way that will prepare her for greater hardships, it leaves him somewhat clumsy  in his rhetoric when dealing with an imbecile who comes to him seeking advice on seducing women.  It is one of several subplots in the daily life of a priest that go no where. But doesn’t life contain distractions that point to no end with instances where we give advice we wish we could retract?
No, there are just a lot of Catholics writing reviews who wouldn’t like a priest like this for
Lavelle is a living indictment to effeminacy and fecklessness in the priesthood and he stands in sharp contrast to his timid and politically correct curate who tries in vain to be hip.   Unlike Lavelle who possesses the same mettle as those priests who were among the Irish Diaspora and who went to the missions and died on battlefields and on the high seas serving as chaplains in the armies and navies of America and  with the British Empire, this curate looks like he would be more at home in an American rectory circa 1980 or hosting his own TV show for Catholic youth.
With the film’s name and the fact that Lavelle is told that his innocent blood will be spilled to atone for the  others who have sinned, it is easy to see him as an alter Christus appreciated by some, rejected and spat upon by others. And yet, although essentially good, there are constant reminders that, unseen to many, he has so many flaws he can’t be the priest he wants to be.  He is a very human priest with human failings.  At his lowest, he turns to violence and the bottle. He knows the nature of sin and is conversant in it’s vocabulary.  As has been said of Matin Luther, he possesses a tongue that could turn the air blue.  To me, Peter is a better analogy right down to the moment he hangs up his cassock and flees as his execution draws near, only to return.
This is a brutal film capable of exhausting the viewer.  Wiser people have averred that certain cinematic elements have the capacity to destroy any merit a film might have and render it merely the occasion of sin.  In this case, they fall short.
I implore [Culture Wars] readers to see this film and  to consider the quote from Augustine in the opening credits when you hear the line uttered in the opening scene and resist the temptation to walk out.
This review will appear shortly in Culture Wars, per the author.

The ugly and filthy “religion of peace” rapes nuns

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The Mohammedans have been called the “religion of peace” by the Regime’s Kenyan kommie. But most normal, non-delusional people have a better grip on reality.

The Mohammedans, by and large, are a violent, brutal, ugly and filthy set of devil worshipers, relying on almost no peace and little, paltry “love” , slandering the Redeemer of the human race, Jesus Christ the Son of God and His Ever Virgin Mother, Mary, mankind’s solitary boast.

Recently, in Bangladesh, which is 90% Mohammedan, a group of PIME Catholic sisters were brutally attacked and raped by Mohammedans in the town of Boldipuku. No doubt, their selfless service to the surrounding area residents, which harbor few Catholics and mostly Mohammedans, just didn’t cut it with this bunch of cowards. Maybe this was their version of a customer dissatisfaction survey?











Despite how unsavory and barbaric Islamic groups and persons around the world have been acting—whether Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Mesopotamia’s Islamic State, Somalia’s Shabaab—perhaps few things are as disgusting and cowardly as the Muslim rape of nuns: defenseless Christian women who sacrifice much of their lives to help sick and needy Muslims.

In the words of Bishop Sebastian Tudu “the nuns were beaten and molested, ending when police arrived.”

Catholic Online has the complete story:

[S]ome 60 men attempted to loot the building and rape the nuns… The attackers first tied the hands and legs of the mission’s two night watchmen and gagged them in the early morning hours. They then broke down the door of the room where the assistant pastor Father Anselmo Marandy was sleeping. They then raided the convent located in the mission campus…. Three PIME nuns suffered attempted rape and were sent to their provincial house in Dhaka, the national capital where they are trying to overcome the shock and mental suffering.  “It’s very sad that the sisters cannot continue to work for the people, but our sisters are no longer safe,” Rosaline Costa, a Catholic human rights activist lamented.  Local Christians are currently living in fear since the attack. Christians form only 0.8% of Dinajpur district’s three million people.

Although some of those quoted in the Catholic Online report say that this attack is “unprecedented,” the fact is, raped sisters is a phenomenon that goes back centuries with the Mohammedans.   According to “Muslim” historian Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi (1364-1442), during his raids on then Christian-majority Egypt (Copts), Caliph Marwan II (r.744–50) “made captive a number of women from among the nuns of several convents. And he tried to seduce one of them.”

Where’s Babu Bhatt, from Seinfeld, when you need him, to wag his finger at these lowlifes, as very, very bad men?



Black Ribbon Day: Europe marked 100+ millions killed by communism and Nazism

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The report in the Wash Free Beacon summarizes it thus:

“August 23 is the day that we hope in the future many more Americans and members of Congress will use the opportunity to commemorate the victims of totalitarianism in Europe,” he added. “Of course it’s focused on Europe, but communism is an ideology that still governs people’s lives. It lives on in five existing communist states and in those five countries roughly 1.5 billion people, or 20 percent of the world’s population.”

“Both ideologies are terrible, but one is largely gone and one lives on,” Smith said [ESH emphasis].

As usual, our criminal drive by state run media totally ignored this 75th anniversary of Europe’s marking the 100+ millions exterminated and liquidated (the latter is the commie preferred term) at the hands of totalitarian regimes, due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement of pre-WW II Germany and the Soviet Union.

Eventually, Hitler stabbed the commie Soviets in the back and invaded their country, with poor outcomes. He was greedy and went south first to the land of the South Slavs, so-called Jugoslavija, in April 1944, causing untold damage on top of the revolutionary war going on there between the good guy Home Guard and the commie partisans.

That little delay caused Hitler’s troops to come into western Russia late in the year, trying to take Moscow in the winter, something NO invading army has ever done in known or recorded history, at least since the founding of Ki’iv-Rus in the 900s AD.

More than 100+ million–mostly Christians–died at the hands of the communists in the 20th century, far exceeding the oft-stated 6 million of the holocaust. Many groups suffered and none but those with communist religious fervor were untouched, even Molotov suffered  from the paranoid frequent Soviet purges


August 23, 2014 marks the 75-year anniversary of a pact between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin that ignited the Second World War, an agreement of non-aggression that allowed the fascist and communist regimes to divide up Europe.

The Black Ribbon day now serves as a reminder of the dangers of totalitarianism, and an opportunity to educate the world about lesser-known details of what became the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

“In the 1980s, in the US, South America, Australia and in Western Europe there were refugee communities from the captive nations of Europe, the Baltic countries, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenija, Hrvatska (Croatia), Srpska (Serbia) and others, who began to use August 23 as Black Ribbon Day as a day to protest the commie Soviet Union and to make the point to Americans and Westerners that the people living behind the Iron Curtain were living under totalitarian regimes,” Marion Smith the executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation stated.

Gentle Giant? Not so fast!

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Michael Brown Innocent Unarmed Teen … 6′ 4″ 300 lbs … not so fast!
Another shocking example of major media agenda getting in the way of the facts.
After all, racist shakedown artists like the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world need to make a living dividing people and shaking down whomever they can.
That so-called kid has a rap sheet a mile long already. How about the true account as it appears on a private individual’s Facebook entyr? ESH says let’s take a look at that whole innocent situation.
The drive by state run news media reported that an unarmed teen was shot 6 times and killed by a Ferguson Police Officer. Did you know that the unarmed teen was 6 foot 3 inches and 300 lbs, or that according to witnesses in the complex (not other police officers, WITNESSES IN THE COMPLEX), the unarmed teen along with another suspect blocked the officers vehicle from responding to a call by standing in front of it? After words were exchanged, the innocent teen rushed the officer tackling him back into the drivers seat of the police car.
As the unarmed teen was on top of the officer beating him to where his face has several contusions and his eye is still swelled shut this morning, the officer went for his gun and fired.
The officer probably should have let the unarmed teen beat him to death rather than fire the shot because he was an unarmed teen that was looking forward to going to college next week.
After the round goes off, the unarmed teen backs out of the car and starts to walk away. The officer who was just severely assaulted by being punched in the head repeatedly, points his gun at the teen, tells him hes under arrest. The unarmed teen turns and, according to witnesses, again the WITNESSES IN THE COMPLEX, the teen starts yelling at the officer daring him to shoot. He AGAIN bull rushes the officer at which point the officer, who was just beaten, fires at the unarmed innocent teen.
Mike Brown displaying gang                                                            affiliation                                                            signs. Michael                                                            Brown, Fe
Rap sheet of the “Gentle Giant”:
Mike Brown s rap sheet, Michael                                                            Brown s police                                                            record,                                                            Ferguson

Apple’s new iPhone?
Look closely. Because as you might guess, Apple is hiding something…

Black cop kills unarmed white boy

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You won’t see that headline in any of the drive by state run media. Even Fox News, otherwise often on the scene of liberal media bias coverups, has been AWOL.

A 20 yr old Salt Lake City white boy was shot dead by a local black cop just TWO days after the Ferguson, MO incident of Aug 2nd.

Dillon Taylor unarmed shot by Salt Lake City Utah cop

He wasn’t very tall, so when the drive bys catch up on this buried story, will they refer to him as the “gentle Hobbit”, wonders ESH?

Family and protestors in Salt Lake City, Utah are demanding justice for 20 year-old white boy named Dillon Taylor who was shot and killed by a Salt Lake City police officer because he was wearing headphones.

Ironically, the story of Dillon Taylor is similar but different to the shooting and killing of 18 year-old Michael Brown by a Ferguson (St Louis) police officer.

Both young men where unarmed and both were killed.

Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer and Dillon Taylor by a black police officer.

Taylor was at the 7-11 store in Salt Lake with his brother Jerrail Taylor and his cousin Adam Thayne.

Jerrail and Adam complied while Dillon Taylor allegedly reached for his cellphone to turn off his music, likely so he could hear what was happening.

That’s when the police apparently fatally shot Dillon Taylor, which was caught on the police’s on-body camera.

The family, friends and demonstrators have since protested and are demanding justice for Dillon Taylor, a first time soon-to-be father, who was shot by a Salt Lake City police officer outside of a 7-Eleven store.

Where are the Kenyan kommie, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and other race baiters and shakedown artists when we so desperately need them locally, and on the ground? Dang! No justice, no peace! Arms up, don’t shoot me!


More Witnesses Are Coming Forward To Confirm Officer’s Account

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On Fridaysomeone claiming to be a friend of Officer Darren Wilson, the policeman involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown, gave an account that was very different from other stories we had heard.

A caller on a St Louis radio show named “Josie” gave her version of events leading to the lawless protests, rioting and looting occuring at present in Ferguson, MO.

In “Josie’s” version of events, Wilson asked Brown and Dorian Johnson, 22, to move out of the street, before they became confrontational. When Wilson heard about the strong-arm robbery on the radio, he tried to get out of the car, and Brown slammed his door shut.

“And, then he opened the car again. He tried to get out. He stands up. And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into the car. Punches him in the face and then Darren grabs for his gun.

“Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. And he shoves it away. And the gun goes off.”

ESH thinks Josie meant “bull rush” as in when a football defensive end runs into a lineman with full steam to knock them down and attack the quarterback.


christine byers ferguson

Here’s the “gentle giant” roughing up an Indian store clerk, clearly AT LEAST half the former’s size weighing in maybe 130-140 lbs dripping wet.


Haters will hate and the racist shakedown artists like Sharpton and Jackson will exploit these community tensions to their financial benefit. Wisely, we saw both of these sheisters booed this past week in Ferguson, MO.

During the various rowdy days and nights in Ferguson, in plain view were rent-a-mob types in the crowd with signs supporting Mohameddan terrorists like ISIS and communists and black panthers promoting “Total Revolution”, thus showing total disregard for this war-torn neighborhood that needs peace and calm heads to prevail, and not to inflame and incite tensions even more.

92 Million not working, 11.5 million more under the Kenyan kommie

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Nice to see the Kenyan kommie’s policies of the Regime are having the effect he intended.

Recall, he wants you dependent on the nanny state as your mommy and daddy, since you are too stupid and unqualified to do it for yourself. So true unemployment, after fluff figures are removed, is quite different than the official propaganda from the drive by state run media of 6.2%…the reality is closer to 12 or 12.5% some experts estimate.

92,001,000 Americans Not Working...

…increased by 11,472,000 since Obama

Fed workers blame lack of work for on-the-job porn surfing…

Meanwhile, VA docs languish seeing 8 patients a week and the IRS continues its criminal campaign of persecuting conservatives, TEA party folks and now, we find, various Christian denominations and churches.

O’Bama’s war on Christianity!

Christian Holocaust underway in Iraq, Syria; world sits idly silently by

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A Christian Holocaust is under way in Iraq.

Yes, just 11 years ago, when the US invaded Iraq to overthrow a blood thirsty dictator, there were approximately 1.5 million Christians, most of them Chaldean, either Catholic in communion with Rome, or schismatic Orthodox.

Now, it is estimated only 400,000 survive in 2014. Some have fled, most have been murdered by the Mohammedans of the “religion of peace”.

In a region where Christians predate Muslims by centuries, over 1.1 million Christians have been killed or have had to flee because of jihadi persecution, while America is basically standing by and watching. This is the Amerikka of the Kenyan kommie, who sang the praises of how the Mohammedans have contributed extensively to America.

This is the sad news that Breitbart’s National Security Editor and one of the world’s leading experts on asymmetric warfare, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, brought to Breitbart News Saturday, hosted by Editor in Chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot Radio.

Dr. Gorka explained that “in the last 48 hours, ISIS, which is now called the Islamic State in Mosul, has painted the letter “N” for Nazarene on the houses of all the surviving Christians in the city. ISIS has basically given an ultimatum to all the Christians left: You can either flee or convert to Islam, or we will kill you.” Similar events are occuring in Syria as well.

Meanwhile the US, the world and their secular, anti-God enablers in the drive by state run media remain silent. Will they claim, decades later, “never again”? Highly unlikely, guv’nor!


Russian surrogates attack Ukraine air space, down 295 passenger jet

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You know it. ESH knows it. The whole world knows it.

That ex-KGB agent in the Kremlin is ultimately the one behind the downing of a Malaysian 777 jetliner yesterday morning over eastern Ukraine air space. This resulted in the deaths of 295 people on board, with speculation 23 of them were American citizens traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur.

It occured about 20 miles from the Russian border with sophisticated laser-guided and heat seeking missles.

Let’s not pussy foot around like the diplomats will. No sense wasting everyone’s time and efforts with that. Said a report in the NY Post:

Ukrainian Interior Ministry official Anton Gerashenko wrote on Facebook, ‘Europe, USA, Canada, the civilized world, open your eyes! Help us any way you can. This is a war of good against evil.’ Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for the downed plane, while a separatist leader also pointed the finger at the Ukrainian military.

Imagine that! The perp accusing the victims of the crime! Typical Cold War Soviet era agit-prop. These no-good-niks are masters of that kind of propaganda effort. They have no conscience, no soul. Unreformed kommies bitterly clinging to their guns and Das Kapitals.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan kommie continues on his merry way of more fundraising yesterday in NY with the 1 percenter Dem billionaires, while war foments in eastern Europe and Israel and the Hamas in Gaza are on the brink of the same. The US and its allies need to provide defensive weapons–not just K rations–to the freedom loving Ukrainians who do not want the yoke of Russian soviet-style oppression on their country again, as they experienced from the October revolution in 1917 to the late 1980s. They do not want another Holodomor where nearly 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Russian communist government in 1932-33.


Way to go, putz!

Report: ISIS religion of peaceniks rape Christian women in Iraq

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They claim they are all in for one last stand of Christianity in civil war torn Syria, and the headline says:

Mohammedans Rape Christian Women, 600 Christians Take Up Arms And Make One Final And Heroic Stand Against Mohammedan Jihadists

After so much rape has been done against Christian women in Iraq, 600 Christians in Iraq have now taken up arms to make one final stand against Muslim Jihadists, members of the ISIS terrorist group, at the frontiers of the Christian settlement of Bartella on the outskirts of Mosul.

Pro-ISIS demonstrators shouted "menacing" chants against Jews and "Down, down U.S.A.!" (Image source: YouTube)

Thus reports Fr Z on his blog, where you can read the rest…

Thus peaceniks from the “religion of peace” show how they deal with infidel Christian women by violating them against several of the Commandments.

And on the 4th of July, the USA’s birthday, they protested heavily in a Mohammedan neighborhood in a Dutch town, shouting death to Jews and destruction to the USA.

Yeah, those peaceniks.

Here’s a video from the Christian militia, who still pray in Aramaic, the language of Jesus in that town of Baretta:


Change names of offensive teams now!

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Citizens and fans are offended by this team’s name, so they will remove the word “Washington” and replace it with something more dignified and not offensive to millions of common citizens and slandered, harassed taxpayers….  

While they’re at it, time to change the names of other teams that offend ESH and other common sense people:

Squeelers: anything associated with these knuckledraggers offends ESH. Just dissolve the franchise for the best remedy to these misanthropes

Seahawks: sounds war-like and may offend bird watchers

Giants: sounds like discrimination against vertically challenged fidgets

Packers: offends certain grocery store workers who like butchering animals for humans to devour; big no-no with vegetarians, vegans and other pagan worshippers of nature rather than the Creator of nature

Vikings: purely ethnic racism against the Nordic tribes that love bloodletting of all those folks of lands they visited including North America.

Ravens: ESH is just offended by the team, right behind the Squeelers; citing a book by author Edgar Allen Poe offends other bird watchers (they may be tied into the Seahawks, Eagles and the Hawks

Saints: offensive to libs, leftists, communists, atheists and other practitioners of self-centered man-centric false religions

Patriots: offensive to those who see America worst, not America first; how colonialistic and imperialistic can one get? You get the point….we could go on all day with all 32 teams, except ESH’s Browns, whose name only offends those Squeeler folks with their pee-stained “towels”.

How is a big time lib like Roger Gooddell [his lib old man got pantsed by conservative James Buckley in the 1970 senatorial race in NY state] going to reconcile his lib leftist past and present with the billions of $$$ generated by these offensive teams that his looney pals want to remove from all traces off the face of the earth?

A man’s gotta eat!

Did this Regime have them eaten?

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Given the proclivites of this Regime of the dog-munching Kenyan kommie, will PETA and the other animal “rights” wackos come out and demand justice and a swift trial? Were these dogs eaten?

military dog

How could the Regime brutally and without any mercy or remorse kill over 1200 military dogs that done nothing but be the best friends to soldiers out in the field, saving untold lives?


Solemn requiem High Mass for murdered AZ Trad priest

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The solemn requiem High Mass for murdered AZ Traditional priest, Fr Kenneth Walker, FSSP, was held yesterday in St Catherine’s Church in Phoenix, 5 days after his vicious murder and the senseless beating of fellow Trad priest Fr Terra.

ESH reported on this early the following morning after the attempted burglary and the murder at Mater Misericordia mission in downtown Phoenix the evening of June 11.

Such blasphemous violation of Traditional consecrated priests is but a natural extension of the Kenyan kommie’s war on Catholicism and the abortion-euthanasia mentality of the culture in the West. These are the bad, bitter fruits of secularism and liberal-masonic thought. Those who may assist souls in receiving grace and assisting them in their salvation are to be eliminated by urgings of the prince of this world.

Several priests from the SSPX, which has a nearby facility on Baseline Rd, were invited and attended the solemn funeral.

Full story of the requiem High Mass and pics can be seen here….