Eastern & Byzantine Rites: A Summary for Beginners

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ESH has often spoken of the Eastern and Byzantine Rites of the Catholic Church and their importance to the life of the Church.

Byzantine Catholic Church

Here is an excellent summary of the same from the blog of Fr Peter Carota, compiled from sources at EWTN per Fr Carota:


Enjoy the knowledge and wisdom of Holy Mother Church!



This is what it does: sodomites slide into spiritual death

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From our friend Brother Andre Marie:

Grand jury indicts homosexual activist Terrence Bean (of “Human Rights Campaign”) in 2013 child sex abuse case.

Cardinal Burke, unflinching, celebrates Tridentine Mass in Vienna

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Cardinal Burke, recently demoted by Pope Francis as the head of the Apostolic Signatura (equivalent to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the secular world), was unflinching as he recently celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Tridentine Rite under the aegis of Una Voce, with full pomp and circumstance, showing the glories that are offered to God in a dignified manner He wishes, when performed in the Roman Rite.

This occurred because of Burke’s defense of traditional teaching by the Church on marriage and reception of communion by divorced people. He mentioned in a separate interview that the Church seems to be drifting “rudderless”, an allusion to the liberal and novel tendencies of the Holy Father.

This occurred in Vienna, Austria at Karlskirsch, named after St Charles Borromeo, patron of seminarians and a great influence at the Council of Trent.


ESH is well aware the various Byzantine and Eastern Rites are equally profound, majestic and praiseworthy when offered with the same reverence.

Una Voce Austria has released photographs of Cardinal Burke’s recent Pontifical High Mass in Vienna, as well as of the Requiem at which he assisted from the throne. Gloria.tv has posted a video of the former (embedded above).

Here is is for you to view:

The Emperor speaks, no one listens

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Tonight the Kenyan kommie, assuming his smug role as the Emperor of the USA, will speak on how he will violate the Constitution and waive US law for an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants, potentially all future Democrat voters. No one is really listening as he becomes more and more irrelevant as a lame duck president. The major networks state they will not carry the speech, previewed in true agit-prop form by the Kenyan on Facebook, with him winking at the FB originator.

At least that is the Dem calculus on the matter. Nothing else matters. More lowly masses to keep dependent on the national nipple, sucking away from the producing millions that did make the nation great. They will get in line in front of those who played by the rules and did what the law demanded and expected.

That would include countless millions after both world wars of the last century, like the parents and many friends of ESH. Waiting for 4 years ior more  in clapboard barracks with minimal heat, no insulation and no socialized medical Obamacare “for free” paid by those who do work honestly. Waiting for a sponsor guarantee so they could come to America. Waiting for a word of a Visa and a job promised on the other end so they would not burden the existing taxing authority and the nation by being shiftless. Relying on hard work, effort, a fair wage, home ownership, opportunities for their children to not only finish grade & high school, but wonder of wonders, the chance to go to college.

Waiting for the penicillin that would never come to a DP camp, and thus their two  month old first born son succumbed to pneumonia. Without a wimper. Without national fanfare or agitating rent-a-mobs in places like Ferguson. With no money to bury with dignity their now lifeless boy, a baptised son who surely resides now in heaven. Below some DP ladies try to brighten the drab stalag-like conditions in a post-war Austrian Dp camp with flower plants.









Here’s more of the illegal activities of the Kenyan kommie:

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Will air during Latin Grammys...
Illegals stage watch parties for speech...
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'Throwing nation into crisis'...
Texas Plans Suit...
CRUZ: Obama Not Monarch...
SCHLAFLY: Modern-day 'Fort Sumter'...
Sheriffs: 'Destruction of Democracy'...
Illegals flooding attorneys' offices with calls...
TUMULTY: Will pose political challenges for both parties...




Pope allows married Eastern Rite clergy in US, elsewhere

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As predicted earlier last week on this blog, the Holy Father has issued a document allowing Eastern Rite married clergy in any location, not just their original area of jurisdiction (e.g. Carpathian mountains for the Ruthenian Byzantine Rite, Ukraine for Ukrainian Rite, etc). Exception is the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankar Churches, which have not allowed a married clergy.

You can read the original, in Italian here…

An English translation was sent out by Parma (OH) Eparchy mitred archpriest (monsignor equivalent) David Petras and can be seen here…AAS_Married_priests_061414

The actual lifting of the ban on ordaining married men to the presbyterate has been announced by Rome – “Pontificia Praecepta de Clero Uxorato Orientali”, in Acta Apostolicae Sedes (AAS, recent edition) pages 496-499.

The third paragraph says, “At the present, all the Eastern Catholic Churches are able to admit married men to the diaconate and presbyterate with the exception of the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankar Churches.”

There follows a history of the celibacy decrees, the meeting of Cardinal Sandri and the Pope on December 23, 2013, where the provisions were approved. The document itself was dated June 14, 2014. It is being translated into English and will be sent out as soon as it is received.

The Eastern Rites are in full communion with the Holy See and fully Catholic. The beliefs and dogmas are identical to the Roman Rite with which most Catholics are familiar, but the expressions, emphasis and Divine Liturgy vary based on the customs of the Rite. In toto, the Catholic Church has about 21 Rites.

Cincy to ordain married man as priest; update on Byzantine discipline

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So, ESH finds that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for the Roman (Latin) Rite will be ordaining a married layman as a priest soon, a first. He is a former Protestant minister with spouse and family in tow, and this kind of concession–which is a discipline not a dogma–has been in practice for some time now among Roman Rite Catholics, especially in the Novus Ordo.

The norms are spelled out here…

Tom Wray is set to become the only married                        Catholic priest in Cincinnati (FOX19/Brett                        Hoffland)

Tom Wray is set to become the only married Catholic priest in Cincinnati

Even Byzantine priests, who have a history of allowing a married clergy, were not permitted that right due to the blowout with the Bishop of Minneapolis-St Paul , John Ireland, in the 1920s and 30s. That led to a schism here led by Bishop Basil Tkach to form the Rusyn (Ruthenian) Orthodox eparchy out of Johnstown, PA.

Bishop (Eparch) Basil Tkach

Today, Byzantine clergy from the old country coming here are permitted to be married if done so in the old country. But once married, they cannot advance to being an eparch (bishop).

ESH has been informed from a well placed source that the Holy Father has already signed a document allowing the consecration of married men in the Byzantine Rites in the US, provided that is their Rite when they were baptized. Bishop John Kudrick, of the Parma (OH) Eparchy, in August, did just that (newly ordained Fr Andrew Nagrant).

Bishop (Eparch) John Kudrick

It is unusual for the discipline in the Roman Rite to have a married clergy in the US and Canada, but is allowed as noted below with former Protestant clergy becoming Roman Rite priests.

Questions not asked by those promoting this idea: who will support both a priest and spouse/children? Will they tolerate moving every 5 to 10 yrs to different parishes? And then, if accepted for some time, will the next push be for same sex “couples” among the clergy? It’s not a stretch.

Advantages of celibacy are both on the grace/virtue level as well as the practical real world.

ESH prays for all  priests and consecrated souls for infusion of the Holy Ghost’s wisdom and gifts and protection of the Bohorodica, so needed more than ever as the father of lies goes about sowing dissension and discord in the Bride of Christ.

Nonetheless, the bigger problem of a dwindling clergy in the Novus Ordo and even in the Byzantine Rites is not solved by allowing married clergy. Rather,  only solid orthodoxy, a missionary spirit and good catechesis can bring that back. Orders and congregations attached to Tradition have well proven to be fertile grounds for new vocations.

Klan Parenthood sues to keep open last (illegal) mill in Cincy; judge is past PP prez

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They’ll not recuse the scummy Klan Parenthood judge. Klan Parenthood is largest domestic terrorist organization in the US, bragging it kills more than 350,000 babies annually by surgery, and another 1.4 million via chemical abortion, hitting the taxpayers for an excess of $500 million annually. Stacking the deck is the name of the game with no shame for the Kenyan kommie. Book it, Dano!

From Pharmer:

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit for Survival of Last Cincinnati Clinic

An Ohio law requires abortion clinics to have an agreement with a hospital for the transfer of patients on an emergency basis.  This regulation has contributed to the closure of Martin Haskell’s clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, and is set to cause the demise of the abortion clinic that Kresge Foundation $$ rebuilt on Auburn Avenue, near Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

[Klan] Parenthood has filed a “civil rights” suit challenging the regulation requiring that patients injured in an abortion clinic have a fast track to a hospital.  [Klan] Parenthood formerly had an agreement with the University of Cincinnati Hospital, but that agreement has ended pursuant to another regulation banning such arrangements with public   hospitals.  The Women’s Med Center in Kettering, Ohio (Dayton’s last abortion clinic)  has a similar lack of patient transfer agreement with a hospital, and is also at risk of being shuttered.

Ohio Right to Life points out that the Federal Judge, Timothy S Black, an [2009] Obama appointee who was chosen to preside over Planned Parenthood’s legal proceedings, has served on the Board of Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati, from 1986 to 1989, and part of that time as president.  One wonders if it is proper for a judge to hear a case involving a plaintiff with which he has had a such a direct association.

It’s not proper Pharmer, but that don’t mean this Regime won’t do it! It should also be disclosed for transparency’s sake that “Judge” Black has some relationship with Think Progress, a left wing lobby group funded in part by George Soros and other kooks on the left.

Black earned an A.B. from Harvard College in 1975 and then earned a law degree in 1983 from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.

On December 24, 2009, Obama formally nominated Black to fill the district court vacancy, which was created by Judge Sandra Beckwith taking senior status on January 1, 2009.

On May 11, 2010, the United States Senate confirmed Black in a unanimous voice vote, to the shame of the whining RINOs that fill the Senate chambers and claim to be pro-family and pro-traditional marriage. Black’s past is well known and he has not hidden his contempt for the traditional family or the right to life of preborn babies.

Adding to his total leftist judicial legislative activities, on July 22, 2013 Judge Black ruled that Ohio must recognize the same sex marriage of admitted sodomites John Arthur and James Obergefell. Following that, one OH state rep called for the impeachment of Black from the bench.