The Cross, the Tomb, the Resurrection

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Thoughts of the Passion of Christ abound today, the silliness of the blasphemers to the contrary notwithstanding.

What follows is a very good reflection on the Resurrection by Bro Andre Marie….

I have to say the Byzantine Rites do a much better job of explaining and expanding on the Passion and Resurrection than the Latin Rites….the violence of the Resurrection, as Brother Andre Marie points out below is confirmed with “by death he conquered death”  repeatedly chanted over and over during the Divine Liturgy until Pentecost…the Byzantine prose of the various Matins, Vespers and Royal Hours are astounding words of wisdom, both from Old Testament fluid language and that of the great early Christian  “stylists”, and hymnographers of the eastern Slavic and Greek influences, as they call this day GREAT Friday for on it, our redemption was worked out.

If you want to make good use of your short amount of time today, get to a church to reflect on the violent and redeeming Passion of Christ to loose the bonds of sin and free us to have everlasting life, if we just take Him up on His generous offer….you can also watch the excellent movie of the same name here for free…

Great and Holy Friday

April 18, 2014

Matthew 27:45-50 - Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land until the ninth hour. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And some of the bystanders, hearing it, said, “This man is calling Elijah.” And one of them at once ran and took a sponge, filled it with sour wine, and put it on a reed and gave it to him to drink. But the others said, “Wait, let us see whether Elijah will come to save him.” And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and yielded up his spirit. (ESV)

Christ God put to death! - What mockery! The innocent Christ endured the crown of thorns, the scourging, being nailed to the Cross, thirst, vinegar and gall and finally death. Christ God put to death for our sins on top of the hill at Golgotha. He accepted and endured all of this willingly because of His great love for us. At the moment of His death he cried “It is finished” (John 19:30). At that moment we were saved.

At his general audience on Holy Wednesday in 2008, Pope Benedict XVI quoted St John Chrysostom speaking about the crucifixion: “Before, the cross meant disdain, but today it is venerated. Before, it was a symbol of condemnation, today it is the hope of salvation. It has truly been converted into a fount of infinite goods; it has liberated us from error, it has scattered our darkness, it has reconciled us with God. From being enemies of God, it has made us his family, from foreigners it has converted us to his neighbors: This cross is the destruction of enmity, the fount of peace, the coffer of our treasure” (“Decruce et latrone,” I, 1, 4).


  • Matins – 1) John 13:31-18:1, 2) John 18:1-28, 3) Matthew 26:57-75, 4) John 18:28-19:16, 5) Matthew 27:3-32, 6) Mark 15:16-32, 7) Matthew 27:33-54, 8) Luke 23:32-49, 9) John 19:25-37, 10) Mark 15:43-47, 11) John 19:38-42, 12) Matthew 27:62-66
  • First Royal Hour – Zechariah 11:10-13, Galatians 6:14-18, Matthew 27:1-56
  • Third Royal Hour- Isaiah 50:4-11, Romans 5:6-11, Mark 15:16-41
  • Sixth Royal Hour – Isaiah 52:13-54:1, Hebrews 2:11-18, Luke 23:32-49
  • Ninth Royal Hour – Jeremiah 11:18-23; 12:15,9-11,14,15, Hebrews 10:19-31, John 18:28-19:37
  • Vespers – Exodus 33:11-23, Job 42:12-16, Isaiah 52:13-54:1, 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:2, Matthew 27:1-38; Luke 23:39-43; Matthew 27:39-54; John 19:31-37; Matthew 27:55-61 (Composite Reading)

What Happened in the Tomb?

A blessed Triduum and Easter to all our readers!

Every year around Holy Week, the publishers of America’s popular reading material let loose a volley of blasphemies against our Lord’s Resurrection. Citing one or another perfidious “noted scholar,” the glossy-covered journals that accost us at the checkout counter vie with one another in perverting the populace with contempt for the sacred. Professor Bart D. Ehrman has obliged us this year. These reheated leftovers from last year’s editions would be laughable in their dogmatic adherence to pseudoscientific “scholarship,” but we dare not laugh at the offense against our Savior.

On the appointed day, the Resurrected One will end His patient silence, and the poor wretches who produce this foulness will, like Caiphas, “see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of the power of God, and coming with the clouds of heaven” (Mk 14:62). If they have not first converted, this will be much to their chagrin, to put it mildly.

And what of us? Do we treasure the Resurrection at least as much as these two-bit blasphemers despise it? If we do not feast our faith on this mystery and take our delight in it — real delight, not just a general relief that Lent’s finally over — then this Pasch will see us yet again unequipped to battle the terrestrial antichrists just mentioned; much less will we be able to fight the real enemy: “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places” (Eph. 6:12).

To delight in this mystery, we must first reflect on it. But for many people, the Resurrection is not the easiest mystery to imagine, since the Gospels don’t give a description of it. We get something of a before-and-after shot of the tomb and its sacred Deposit, but no narration of the event itself. Instead of letting that bother us, we should supplement the Gospel’s silence on the point with the dogmatic truths that the Church’s magisterium presents to us.

Foundational among these truths is that Christ is true God and true Man. As God, He is coequal, consubstantial, and coeternal with the Father. As man, He is like us in all things except sin. This means that He has a created human body and soul, the latter having an intellect and will. By this union of two natures in one Person (called the “hypostatic union”), Christ’s divinity was united to His humanity so perfectly that even death did not separate them. Although the body and soul of Jesus truly separated — for that is what death is — the divinity was ever united to each.

During the Triduum Mortis (the three days of death), the body of Christ in the tomb — truly dead as it was — was adorable because it was still the body of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. This is why St. Peter could cite Psalm 15 as a prophecy of our Lord in the tomb: “Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, nor suffer thy Holy One to see corruption” (Acts 2:27). The Precious Blood, spilled on the ground from Pilate’s praetorium and along the Via Dolorosa all the way to Mount Calvary, could be similarly accorded divine honors, being yet the Blood of God. Finally, the soul of Christ, which descended into hell, also took with it the divinity. This means that God Himself traveled into the netherworld in Person. In Dante’s Inferno, there are poetic images of this “harrowing of hell”: As Virgil and Dante traverse there, they see the rubble that remained as evidence of the great cataclysm the infernal regions suffered when a divine Person, united to a human soul, came and “preached to those spirits that were in prison” (I Pet.3:19). Dante’s poetic imagination thought it unlikely that hell would be left the same after this surprise visit from the Son of God.

What happened, then, in the Holy Sepulcher that first Easter? Christ’s divinity, ever united to His body, blood, and soul, simply brought those constituent parts of His sacred humanity back together again. “O death, I will be thy death; O hell, I will be thy bite!” (Osee 13:14). It was an act of divine energy, exerted by the same One who truly experienced death. And we may speculate that this supernatural destruction of death was carried out with an intensity proportionate to the horrific violence of the Passion. Relevant to that is the Greek word used by St. Luke to describe Our Lord’s agony in the Garden; it is agonia, meaning literally “a struggle for victory” — as in Graeco-Roman wrestling. In the tomb, there was another agonia: the “Agony of the Resurrection,” when the victory was achieved. As the liturgical sequence, Victimae Paschale Laudes, expresses it: “Death and life to the combat: O wondrous conflict! The prince of life, having died, reigns living.”

Life and death’s “wondrous combat” produced a flash so brilliant that the consequent impress of our Lord’s image yet remains on the Holy Shroud.

If we feast on the same Flesh that rose again, do we not become heirs to the solemn promise of Jesus: “He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day” (Jn 6:55)? When we eat that Flesh, with which Mary clothed God, we become one with Him who said, “I am the resurrection and the life” (Jn. 11:25).

Then our resurrection is simply the natural terminus of Christ’s “Mystical Incarnation” in our soul, and the Eucharist really is, as St. Thomas called it, “the pledge of future glory.”

From our religious family, to the families of all our tertiaries and benefactors: Have a blessed and grace-filled Triduum, and a glorious Easter!

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Ron Paul to IRS: no way, Jose!

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Ron Paul‘s nonprofit Campaign for Liberty will fight the Internal Revenue Service’s demand that it reveal its donor list to the agency, despite having already been fined for refusing to do so.

Former Congressman Ron Paul gestures during a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli in Richmond, Va., Monday, Nov. 4, 2013. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

“There is no legitimate reason for the IRS to know who donates to Campaign for Liberty,” Megan Stiles, the communications director at Campaign for Liberty, told the Washington Examiner in an email on Tuesday. “We believe the First Amendment is on our side as evidenced by cases such as NAACP v. Alabama and International Union UAW v. National Right to Work. Many 501(c)(4) organizations protect the privacy of their donors in the very same way as Campaign for Liberty. For some reason the IRS has now chosen to single out Campaign for Liberty for special attention. We plan to fight this all the way.”

This is nothing more than the Chicago thug gangster shakedown politics we’ve come to know since Jan 2009 under the Regime, where the IRS is the big stick the Kenyan kommie uses to persecute those who dare to disagree with his marxist community organizer politics.

Ron Paul suggested that the group will refuse to pay the IRS fine in an fund-raising email to supporters about the agency’s request for information.

Stiles accused the IRS of trying to silence her organization. “The IRS technically requires donor information from 501(c)(4) organizations and is forbidden by law from releasing it to the public, yet despite this they have ‘mistakenly’ released the information repeatedly over the years,” she wrote. “Often these leaks have been made to political opponents of the conservative groups whose information was leaked. Leaking the donor information is intended to harass and to intimidate those donors from donating to political causes. Campaign for Liberty has refused to provide donor information to the IRS to protect the privacy of our members. Now the IRS has demanded the information and fined Campaign for Liberty for protecting its members’ privacy.”

Last year, at least two top officials of the pro-life association Pharmacists For Life International stated they had been persecuted by the IRS with ongoing nuisance requests for documentation and frivolous audits.

A Fox News report on 15 April showed Tea Party type or conservative organizations were subject to severe scrutiny and persecution by the Lois Lerner-famed IRS more than 3 times that of liberal or so-called “progressive” groups.

To date, no significant action has been taken against individuals in the IRS or the organization itself since the widespread scandal broke last May 2013.


SSPX statement on Kasper/Francis and Communion for divorced Catholics

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Last week, the Remnant reported Pope Francis gushing on the synod concept that the schismatic Orthodox churches operate under, yet continues to put faithful subjects, such as SSPX, in some penalty box that is both unjust and lacks the mercy and compassion Francis has for unrepentant, obstinate sinners. Even wacky giant puppet masses with touchy feely liberals whose good standing is not questioned. I am the walrus!

The statement in its entirety is reprinted below from Bishop Fellay:

Statement by Bp. Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St Pius X, on the new pastoral approach to marriage according to Cardinal Kasper:

What will happen at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops that is to be held October 5 – 19, 2014, dedicated to “the pastoral challenges for the family in the context of evangelization?” This question is asked with great concern, since during the last Consistory, on February 20, 2014, Cardinal Walter Kasper, at the request of Pope Francis and with his emphatic support, presented the topic of the next Synod by making supposedly pastoral overtures that were doctrinally scandalous.

Cultural revolution

This presentation, which was initially supposed to remain secret, was published in the press, and the agitated debates that it sparked among the members of the Consistory ended up being revealed as well.  One university professor dared to speak about a veritable “cultural revolution” (Roberto de Mattei), and one journalist described as a “paradigm shift” the fact that Cardinal Kasper proposes that divorced-and-“remarried” Catholics could go to Communion, even without their earlier marriage being annulled:  “at present that is not the case, based on Jesus’ very severe and explicit words about divorce.” (Sandro Magister)

Open resistance

Some prelates have spoken up against this change, such as Cardinal Carlo Caffara, Archbishop of Bologna, who asked: 

What about the first ratified and consummated marriage?  If the Church admits [the divorced-and-“remarried”] to the Eucharist, she must however render a judgment about the legitimacy of the second union.  That is only logical.  But then -as I asked-what about the first marriage?  The second, they say, cannot be a true second marriage, because bigamy goes against the Lord’s words.  And what about the first one? Is it dissolved?  But the Popes have always taught that the power of the Pope cannot go that far:  the Pope has no authority over a ratified and consummated marriage.  The solution proposed (by Cardinal Kasper) leads one to think that the first marriage remains, but there is also a second form of cohabitation that the Church legitimizes….  The fundamental question is therefore simple:  what about the first marriage?  But no one gives an answer.”  (Il Foglio, March 15, 2014)

One could add the serious objections formulated by Cardinals Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Walter Brandmüller, Angelo Bagnasco, Robert Sarah, Giovanni Battista Re, Mauro Piacenza, Angelo Scola, Camillo Ruini… But these objections, too, remain unanswered.

We cannot wait, without speaking up, for the Synod to be held next October in the disastrous spirit that Cardinal Kasper wants to give to it.  The attached study, entitled “The New Pastoral Approach to marriage according to Cardinal Kasper” shows the gross errors contained in his presentation. 

Not to denounce them would amount to leaving the door open to the dangers pointed out by Cardinal Caffarra:

Therefore there would be such a thing as extramarital human sexuality that the Church considers legitimate. But that negates the central pillar of the Church’s teaching on sexuality.  At that point someone might wonder:  then why not approve of extramarital cohabitation?  Or relations between homosexuals?”  (Ibid.)

Whereas in recent months many families have demonstrated courageously against civil laws that, everywhere, are undermining the natural, Christian family, it is simply scandalous to see these same laws surreptitiously supported by churchmen who wish to align Catholic doctrine and morality with the morals of a de-Christianized society, instead of seeking to convert souls.  A pastoral approach that scoffs at the explicit teaching of Christ on the indissolubility of marriage is not merciful but insulting to God, who grants His grace sufficiently to everyone; and it is cruel toward the souls who, when placed in difficult situations, receive the grace that they need in order to live a Christian life and even to grow in virtue, to the point of heroism.

Menzingen, April 12, 2014

+Bernard Fellay
Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X

The REAL count is closer to 7-8.5 Billion murdered via abortion worldwide

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Let’s not undercount the body count, please.

This well meaning article however, is totally blind to the actual body count of worldwide abortion via a common mistake, made most often by well meaning “pro life” people.

They are only looking at surgical abortions, which are only 20-25% of ALL abortions.


Most abortions happen with drugs bought at the pharmacy counter via chemical abortions of oral “contraceptives”, Depo Provera, IUDs, Norplant, Implanon, Plan B, Next Choice, ella, misoprostol/Cytotec, mifepristone/Mifeprex (Ru486) and the like. You can get more accurate resources and info quite economically here…

The REAL count is more like 7-8.5 billion since Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton in 1973, worldwide.

Famine Victims  



That more ACCURATELY reflects the TRUE numbers of slaughter in the Abortion Holocaust, the mother of all Holocausts, and far exceeds the horrific holocausts of WW II, the communist revolutions in many countries since the Russian revolution of 1917, or the Holomodor that was a commie Soviet govt imposed famine on Ukraine in the 1932-33, resulting in 4 to 10 million deaths, greater than the Jewish one of WW II.


What you can do to keep Holy Week holy…

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From Fr Peter Carota’s blog:

What You Can Do To Keep Traditional Catholic Holy Week HOLY

As the name states, “Holy Week”, this is a very important time of the year for us Catholics to keep holy.  Many graces are being offered to us in this holy time as we relive the Glory, Passion, Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Palm Sunday.  This day we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to exclamations of “Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord”.

ottawa palm sunday vJesusentersjerusalem_HAYDON, Benjamin RobertWe start Holy Week with the reading of the Gospel of Jesus entering into Jerusalem and the blessing of the Palms, everyone receives one while 1) genuflecting and 2) kissing the priests hand and 3) kissing the Blessed Palm.  Then we join in with the solemn procession with the blessed palms, out in public, to remind them and us of the kingly entrance our Messiah Jesus made to start His passion.  This is followed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the passion of Jesus according to St. Matthew being read.

Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Try to make the daily Latin mass.

Santi di Tito -Vision of St. Thomas Aquinas 1593, San Marco, FirenzeHoly Thursday.  On the night before Jesus died, He celebrated the Last Supper, (The Jewish Passover Meal) with His disciples.  His apostle Judas leaves to betray Jesus.  Then after singing the Psalms, Jesus left with them to the Garden of Gethsemani where He would pray and go through His agony to the point of sweating blood.  It was here that the betrayer Judas brought the guards to arrest Him.  He was then brought before Caiphas the high priest, scribes and ancients so that they could come up with (false) evidence to have Him put to death.  Here they spit in His face, buffeted Him and ridiculed Him.

GiottoLastSupperMake every effort to go the the Mass of the Last Supper where the apostles have their feet washed and Jesus gives us His Body and Blood and the Passover Lamb in the New Covenant.  The Mass ends with the procession of the Holy Eucharist to the Altar of Repose where we adore Jesus truly present in the Host.  We try to at least watch one hour with Jesus in His agony.

Good Friday.  Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate to be condemned to death.  Even though Pilate proclaimed Him innocent, he turned Him over to the guards to be scourged. He was then condemned to death by crucifixion by the Jewish leaders and the crowds.  They said, “Let the blood of Him be on us and on our children”.  He carried the cross to Calvary.  After three hours of torture, He died on the cross.  Then He was buried.

Cross_Jesus Meets Veronica_CALIARI, CarloIn union with Jesus Passion, we fast with two meals and abstain from all meat.  Try to not work or do anything from 12 pm till after the passion ceremony.  Be sure to go to the 3 pm ceremony.  It is not the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  There you can relive Jesus’ passion as the Gospel of St John is read.  Then you can, with great reverence, kiss the crucifix asking Jesus to forgive you for crucifying Him.  Then you can humbly receive Holy Communion.

Holy Saturday.  This day we keep by morning the death of Jesus as if we were really present at His tomb.  We do the least activities possible, (only what is necessary to celebrate the Joyful Easter the next day).  Try to avoid stores and superficial activities.  For those who can, go to the Easter Vigil Solemn High Latin Mass that evening.  It is one of the most beautiful masses of the whole year.  It is very long with the 1) Blessing of the New Fire, 2) Blessing of the Paschal Candle, 3) Procession and singing of the Exultet, 4) Listening to the 5 Lessons from the Prophets, 5) Praying the Litanies, 6) Blessing the Baptismal Water, 7) Renewal of you Baptismal Promises, 8) First Solemn Mass of Easter.

Burial of Christ_DUCCIO di BuoninsegnaEaster.  Jesus was tortured to death and was in the tomb from Friday afternoon till early Sunday morning when He rose from the dead.  This is the day to rejoice and be glad.  Dress in you very best for Jesus.  Go early to Holy Latin Mass if you did not go to the Vigil mass the night before.  And if you did, go to mass again.  Reflect on the great Victory Jesus won for us over the devil, death and enslavement to sin.  We are free children of God.  Spend time eating slowly with friends and family.  Especially invite those who are alone and have no one to celebrate this great feast with.  Spend so time in prayer and if possible some time meditating and talking with Jesus Resurrected in the Blessed Sacrament.  The greatest miracle ever to happen in the history of Mankind is Jesus resurrection from the dead after all the Jews, soldiers and disciples witnessed him in the grave from Friday till Sunday Morning.  This is why we are followers of Jesus.

Jesus Appearing to the Three Marys_LA HIRE, Laurent deLet us make every effort to leave the world, television, Facebook, computer, shopping and talking to enter into God’s holy time.  This week is time to spend a lot of time everyday at church.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and know that Jesus suffered, died and rose to forgive our sins and give us a new life in Him.


Feds back down; Dingy Harry likely tied to Bundy-BLM fiasco in NV ranch case

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It is quite likely that an unusually silent Dingy Harry Reid, D-NV, and Senate majority leader, is directly tied to the now bungled fiasco of rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management, which sought $1 million from the patriot rancher for “grazing fees” on what Bundy claims is state property and not that of the feds.


Hundreds of supporters of Bundy, including various state militia groups, descended upon southern NV last week to go toe to toe with fed bureaucrats who likely have never been on a cattle drive or rode a horse in their manicured girley lives.

The Bureau of Land Management is headed by former longtime Reid aide Neil Kornze, who was confirmed by the Senate as BLM director on Tuesday, just as federal authorities descended on the cattle ranch outside Mesquite, NV.

Three real men confront  Reid and BLM sock puppet from Clark County sheriff’s dept

Kornze issued a statement Saturday saying that the bureau would return the cattle and withdraw its agents from the ranch as a result of safety concerns after clashes between law enforcement and the Bundy family’s growing legion of supporters.

“It was likely pressure from upstairs, rather than weapons from the field, that changed his mind on the matter,” the liberal group Americans Against the Tea Party said in an online post. “Fact is, Harry Reidprobably didn’t want his name attached to the biggest civilian massacre in U.S. history right before election season.”



Ex-Reid aide Neil Kornze, who has never rode a horse, done a cattle drive and has no clue what goes on with animal husbandry in general, tried to steal 400 head of cattle from patriot rancher Cliven Bundy in southern NV

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s largest newspaper, criticized the BLM’s handling of the situation in a Friday editorial, saying the “federal government is all about intimidation and overreach.”

The Twitter feed seeking the end of Reid as a US Senator is found at #DumpDingy.

UPDATE: Looks like the BLM land grab may be very well tied again to Dingy Harry and his Chinese land grab news expose that went viral on the Internet on Saturday. He’s got some ‘splaining to do!

Barred from Holy Communion, a brazen, arrogant Sebelius gone at last…

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The hubris, arrogance and brazeness of the Kenyan kommie’s Regime is never surprising.

But, at long last, the wicked witch of Kansas is finally leaving. Millions, including Dorothy and Toto are happy and relieved, even if that will be short lived. For we know, a leopard doesn’t change its spots and neither can an agitating community organizer in the Saul Alinsky leftist tradition.

What kind of an abortoholic will be put in the Queen of Abortoholism’s place, the reasonable reader may ask?

From ALL today, a welcome missive:

“Yesterday, Department of Health and Human Services secretary, [abortoholic] Catholic Kathleen Sebelius,  announced that she will resign.

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, the nation’s oldest Catholic pro-life group, released this statement

“No tears will be shed for this woman whose resignation came exactly seven days prior to Holy Thursday, which for Catholics is the day Jesus Christ instituted the sacrament of Holy Eucharist-the changing of water and wine into His body and blood.

“Sebelius repeatedly insulted the [B]ody of Christ by advocating for abortion, and through her support of the horrific late-term abortionist George Tiller [ESH note: aka Tiller the Killer] during his life and publicly mourning for him upon his demise.

“As governor of the state of Kansas,  Sebelius did all within her power to stymie the state attorney general’s investigations into Planned Parenthood’s various deadly practices. Phill Kline, then the attorney general, exposed the absence of best [medical] practices in various Planned Parenthood dealings with patients. The Sebelius administration’s opposition to Kline has been defined by many as a vendetta.

“When Sebelius’ bishop, Joseph F. Naumann, publicly prohibited her from receiving the body of Christ, she responded that his order was an offense against the separation of Church and state and painful to her on a personal level. Yet her belligerence persisted.

“To define Sebelius as the female version of Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Jesus Christ, does not even begin to define her wrongdoing.”

ESH says: now, on to removing the HHS diktat forcing health care professionals and religious and private employer groups from violating their sincerely beliefs, then on to 2016, and repealing abortion-dripping Obamacare.